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  1. Post your extended warranty price here

    well what is toms phone number??????? found it thank u
  2. STOP ORDER on all Manual Jeeps [Update: software flash fix arrives in March]

    their is no software fix that will fix a defective manual clutch
  3. 2.0T knocking noise

    put your foot 2 the floor with the motor running when it blows call the dealer 2 pick it up
  4. Replacing rear glass???

    put a comprehensive claim in probly cast u 100.00 installed
  5. Catalytic Converter Theft- what to do

    take all 4 tires off put tires in garage when u want 2 go out put tires back on it will b sitting so low they wont b able to get under the jeep
  6. My 392 Rubicon order is showing a price now ($77k) !!!

    yea but it comes with a gas station u will need it
  7. Rear Tailgate wont shut or open correctly

    take it back 2 the dealer if they see u played with it it is on u
  8. Virginia Selling 2021 Wrangler Sport Soft top -*1,300 or obo

    the price is high could not get 1200.00 for mine
  9. Can you disable the function that puts your Jeep in park when door is opened?

    when i tuned my eco diesel that feature was disabled
  10. BUYERS BEWARE...3.0 Diesel...JeepDOESNTCare

    the eco diesel is loaded with flaws others have tried the twin egr and failed the def system is flawed the dpf is crap i can go on and on their a few that r ok the rest r a pile of problems
  11. 2.0 boost - when & what controls boost

    their is a blow off valve in the intake at the manifold they sell a few with dif pressure they aint cheap
  12. Rubicon Shock question

    springs r different
  13. New Jersey 2020 JLUR shocks and springs

    still have i will pick up
  14. New Jersey 2020 JLUR shocks and springs

    i see u dont want 2 ship where r u at i will come 2 new jersey and pick the springs and shocks up
  15. New Jersey 2020 JLUR shocks and springs

    still have how much to ship to 19430 in pa very interested let me know
  16. Eco Diesel and Tunes

    try hd diesel canada 888-375-7767 best tuner bar none
  17. New York 1 1/4" wheel spacers

    i have a jl thanks for the reply
  18. New York 1 1/4" wheel spacers

    will they fit a jl or jk and what year
  19. New Jersey WTB Winch Plate

  20. Diesel Burns oil

    i had my fill with italian diesels