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  1. Rebel Off Road JL Build

    Looking great. I bought a set of fuel wheels that look almost identical to the one on your setup.
  2. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    Looking great. That's an impressive mod you've done there.
  3. Aftermarket hoods?

    Not a bad deal at all.
  4. Project SWAMPCAT

    Awesome progress. Your build gives me insane ideas but I currently have a financial problem so it won't come to fruition.
  5. DIY Soft Top Window Storage

    Not a bad idea at all. It looks easy to do.
  6. Motobilt JL Rubicon Build

    Impressive build.
  7. Ethan's Silver JLUR Build -- with fabrication involved

    Interesting. You're doing a nice job with the mod.
  8. Water Fording

    Impressive ride!
  9. Rebel Off Roads JLUR SEMA Build

    Looking awesome!
  10. Aftermarket Fender Flares for JL Wrangler?

    This looks great and complements the exterior. I need to look for something similar to this to replace the bolt style I got from 4wheelonline.
  11. New custom wheels

    Looking great!
  12. Trails, trail and trails

    It would be nice to have one for real. I just rely on Youtube videos information whenever I watch trail and off-road driving videos.