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  1. Pennsylvania Ace Engineering Stand Alone Spare Tire Carrier

    Hi Jamie, Yes, this was with the stock OEM jeep camera mounted in the Ace camera relocation bracket with the Mopar 3rd brake light bracket. I no longer have the Mopar bracket as it was still on the JL when I traded it in otherwise I'd include. I think it runs about $65 or so on Amazon, but...
  2. JL premium soft top loud rattle

    I don't have my JLU anymore, but when I did I recall there being little wheels in the track that allowed the softop to fall down towards the tailgate. There was a lot of play between the wheels and the track resulting in quite a bit of noise. Might this be your issue? if it is, I'm not sure...
  3. Pennsylvania Rock Hard 4x4 front & rear control arm skids

    Here’s a few pics: Box is 12”x6”x15” and weighs almost 23lbs. Coming from zip code 19090 if you want to estimate shipping. Otherwise local pick up is preferred.
  4. Pennsylvania Rock Hard 4x4 front & rear control arm skids

    I have a set of front and rear control arm skid plates for sale. brand new, never installed. All hardware included. ROCK HARD 4X4™ BOLT-ON FRONT AND REAR LOWER CONTROL ARM SKID PLATES FOR JEEP WRANGLER JL 2018 - CURRENT [RH-90515] Rock Hard sells them for $155 I’M ASKING $100. not interested in...
  5. Pennsylvania Rock Hard 4x4 Patriot Series Front Bumper

    Still available. Asking $650. found a minor scrape on the front skid portion of the bumper; looks like it did it’s job in the rocks. easily touched up and not visible when mounted.
  6. ACE Standalone Tire Carrier Tips

    These pics are with the Ace camera mount modified with a Mopar 3rd brake light mount.
  7. Plastic bumper LED foglight wiring removal, HELP!

    I just ordered it from one of the online mopar parts store. For my 2019 JLUR with LED foglights it was Part number 68336462AD . It was about $18 or so Edit: looks like it may have been updated from AD to AE...
  8. Where can I get these sidesteps?

    Looks like the chrome Mopar steps .
  9. Rattle- Ace Engineering Stand Alone Tire Carrier

    Hi Jeepender. I just drilled a few holes in the rear of the aftermarket Mopar brake light mount and a few matching holes in the ACE bracket. Just a few bolts and it works great. Yes, it is the OEM factory brake light, but it's mounted on the mopar mount...
  10. ACE Standalone Tire Carrier Tips

    I no longer have this Jeep (and I’m selling the carrier if anyone is interested), but here’s a few pics I took at the time i installed it. The measurement is from the rear window of the hard top to the tire. Looks like 7” on the drivers side and 8” on the passenger side. I included a pic of the...
  11. Jeep JL / JLU Half Doors Official Press Release and Photos

    I’m all for half doors (had them on my JKU), but I’m not digging the way the window is divided. That vertical piece of fabric looks like a blind spot and a total annoyance.
  12. Jeep JL / JLU Half Doors Official Press Release and Photos

    Is this only a 4 door option? I know that you can;t order a 2 door with dual tops becuse there is no room for the soft top when the jeep ships (unlike the JK). I'm sure they could fit two doors and uppers with the rear seat folded in a JL if they wanted to
  13. Rear storage option for JLU

    No, the tailgate locks. The door lock switches become disabled after a few minutes when you lock the doors so the only way to Open the tailgate is to use the fob or the hard key. and if the doors are off you can lock the tailgate with the fog or key if you don’t have power locks.
  14. Do other dealers know what you paid?

    Exactly. But it’s a bit of a disadvantage if they know.
  15. Do other dealers know what you paid?

    Good point. True, but if I got $20k in equity on a $50k purchase they know what I owe, but would have no clue on what I paid....or do they???? I only ask because I bought and traded at the same dealership a few years ago and they threw it in my face when I was negotiating the trade. I...
  16. Do other dealers know what you paid?

    So let's say I buy a new Jeep brand vehicle from Dealer A. Later I go to Dealer B and trade that vehicle in for a new Jeep Brand vehicle. Does Dealer B know what I paid for the vehicle when I bought it from Dealer A? Is there s database that dealers share where they can see what I paid? Just...