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  1. Missouri SOLD Tuffy tailgate lockbox/table - like new

    I would do 200 shipped to 27516
  2. North Carolina Sport stock takeoffs & JLURD control arms

    I have a bunch of stuff taken off my Sport S that I would like to get out of my garage. Open to all offers - located in Chapel Hill, NC. Everything is in excellent condition - will post pics this weekend when I have time. front and rear bumpers, no fog lights. factory tow hitch Spare tire...
  3. North Carolina WTB Sport Rear Bumper

    I have one of you still need. I’m in Chapel Hill
  4. New York Maximus-3 JL Rhino Roof Rack System, Long - (Low Profile Mounts) With Ladders

    I’d be interested in the 2 ladders if you ever want to separate.

    I would take the light bar and mount. Can you ship to NC?
  6. North Carolina JLU Hard Top wanted

    It's the regular textured hardtop. No damage at all - only 8 months old when I stopped using it. I purchased a painted hardtop to match. It's been hanging in my garage since. It came from the factory with the headliners. Yes, I'm in Chapel Hill (south CH, closer to Hwy 64)
  7. North Carolina JLU Hard Top wanted

    I have one for sale (it's listed on here) - what's your budget?
  8. North Carolina JLU Textured Hardtop with Headliners

    Price drop - $1450!!!
  9. North Carolina JLU Textured Hardtop with Headliners

    It’s a custom made lift. An electric hoist from Harbor Freight, steel pipes from Lowe’s, foam from some place online and Topsy brackets/hooks. Probably a couple hundred all in! Works sweet!
  10. North Carolina FS: Tuffy Tailgate Lockbox - Excellent Condition

    I’m in Chapel Hill. Would you consider meeting in Winston Salem?
  11. North Carolina JLU Textured Hardtop with Headliners

    Bump - Excellent deal!!
  12. North Carolina JLU Textured Hardtop with Headliners

    Selling my hardtop with headliners off my ‘20 altitude edition. Besides a little dust/dirt it’s in excellent condition. $1,450 Comes with hardtop with factory headliners, freedom panels with case and bolts. Topsy strap, hooks and lift not included 😉 Located in Chapel Hill, NC
  13. North Carolina JLU Spiderweb Shade (Black)

    Where are you in NC?
  14. Hoisting top with Maximus 3 or Rhino Rack

    I built a lift with a hoist from Harbor Freight and steel pipe with foam. I use this kit from Topsy to attach everything to the hardtop. I wouldn’t hang from the rack, it’ll put too much stress on the top...
  15. North Carolina 2021 JLU Rubicon EcoDiesel Suspension

    Is this off a hardtop, with steel bumpers and tow package?
  16. WTB-OEM LED Taillights

    No longer available.