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  1. Any regrets with your JLU purchase?

    Led lights, alpine and steel bumper group. Must haves.
  2. Clutch Recall (FCA W12 | 20V-124) on 2018-2020 JL Manuals [overheating clutch pressure plate]

    That’s my fear. I can jump out quickly if needed but my 1 year old can’t. Never forgive myself if something happened.
  3. Jeep Introduces 2021 Wrangler Islander Special Edition

    Id do half doors as standard with the power soft top and the big sound system. That would really distinguish it from other models.
  4. Has anybody ever regretted buying a Wrangler?

    I don't regret the wrangler but its a vehicle you learn to live with. The steering requires a lot of corrections at speed and on longer trips its a draining vehicle to drive. In the woods carving up a trail on a sunny day its absolutely in its element. I live for these days. However, sitting in...
  5. Top 10 things Jeep should have done WITHOUT.

    Couldn’t think of 10. 1. ESS, should be disabled from the factory on manual transmission cars 2. Whatever water channel funnels rainwater on your legs when you open the door. Can do without that 3. Halogen headlights. Led lights should be standard on every model. If Corolla can do this so can...
  6. Recall Notice 21V-028 [1/28/21]: Manual Transmission / Clutch Overheat Covers All 2018-2021 Jeep Wranglers Produced by January 22, 2021

    My 2020 JLUR had the recall done for the original clutch recall that went out on these back in early 2020. Am I also affected by this?
  7. Rear locker only?

    It's possible. Jeep has shown they adapt to the market. If customers want a rear locker then I don't see why not.
  8. How May Miles on Your 3.6?

    Purchased in June 2020 and siting at 9300 miles. So far all trouble free.
  9. Thoughts on this Lift Idea - 2018 JLUS

    I'm more impressed you found a Sahara with a manual. When I was looking to buy the Sahara's were all exclusively automatic.
  10. 2022 Color Wish List

    Bring back Bikini!!
  11. I’m Confused with Jeep’s Standard Options- Assistance Sought

    The Willys is the way to. Its a "Rubicon Lite" but thats more than most need.
  12. Why did you buy a Jeep?

    I wanted something that was offroad capable but still made a good daily driver and could hold a car seat. I was originally considering a 4Runner TRD but was not impressed with the interior or driving characteristics. Also felt really underpowered. I appreciate how much work went into making the...
  13. Oil leak - 2020 JLUR just under 12,000 miles - 3.6 liter V6

    Had this happen on the wife's highlander. Found a small puddle of oil on the garage floor and it ended up being a timing chain cover leak.
  14. Georgia Hardtop with maximus-3 full pioneer platform roof rack

    How do you like the roof rack? Did you get much use out of it?
  15. Rubicon Package as a $5k upgrade to any trim

    I'd argue that Jeep pretty much already does this. The JLUR starts at 42k and is spec'd equipment wise close to a Sport S which starts at 36k. Adding a Rubicon package to a Sport S brings it up to what Jeep sells the JLUR for.
  16. Off road range?

    I’d tell you it depends. My rule of thumb is I don’t venture very far off road with less than a 1/2 tank.
  17. RANT - Over Jeep, their Dealers and FIAT

    I wouldn't be too worried. Lot of Jeeps on here with little to no issues. My biggest take away from this is finding a good dealer that provides good service.
  18. POLL: What is your favorite color on the Jeep Wrangler (2021 Model Year)

    Saw the hydro blue in person. It’s a sharp color
  19. Soft Top vs. Hard Top ... Where the weather is great!

    I like the soft top and we'll likely throw it back on in a few years but the hard top is very convenient. You don't realize how closed off the soft top makes the rear area, you don't have quick access without undoing the top window and throwing it on top of the roof. Not super hard when you get...