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  1. 2020 JL 2.0 overheating

    Jeeps are traditionally a rear wheel drive vehicle unless 4 wheel drive is engaged so it can be towed as long as the rear wheels are suspended or flat towed if transfer case is placed in neutral or it can be flatbed towed.
  2. 2020 JL 2.0 overheating

    Final update 12-1-20 Today at 12:53 pm EST I called Jeep service department and spoke to Ron and he informed me he has tried to call me twice to let me know my Jeep was fixed. No missed calls on my phone. He said it was ready. Problem was Inlet coolant tube fasteners we're not holding. They had...
  3. 2020 JL 2.0 overheating

    Update 11-30 No one from dealership knows anything about my Jeep or can tell me anything about my Jeep. Jeep Cares is now involved
  4. 2020 JL 2.0 overheating

    Update 11-30-20 Carried dealer this morning to mage sure they knew why it was towed there and glad I did. Tow company left no indicating what problem was. That was at 830 am. At noon I called back and sore to Ron ,service coordinator, and he had no idea if anything had been found. At 445i called...
  5. 2020 JL 2.0 overheating

    This is not the same engine as what is found in the Alfa Romeo.
  6. 2020 JL 2.0 overheating

    Oh I’m not stressing. This is my fifth Jeep so I’m used to break downs. LOL My concerns are with an unproven engine. But after test driving it I was hooked on its pep. This thing will scoot. The torque is impressive and mpg around town 24. Got 28 driving it to Ohio over summer. As of this year...
  7. 2020 JL 2.0 overheating

    This is my 2020 Jeep JL with the 2.0 turbo engine and 13,708 miles. It has been rock solid until today. Without warning it started to overheat. I couldn’t find a leak but I could smell antifreeze. The reservoir has sufficient fluid and I was unable to find a leak. Well I used the Mopar app and...
  8. TSB 24-006-19 - HVAC System Update - Intermittent blast of warm air / June 19 2019

    I own a 2020 2 door Black and Tan edition JL and I am experiencing the same issue. If I use the heat and later (even after turning off the engine and turning it back on later) decide to cook off the interior by doing the tempo down to 64-66 it will only blow out REALLY HOT air. If I further...
  9. Wheel alignment needed?

    I just couldn’t let this pass. The people in here that say there is no adjustment are just plain wrong. Here are the specs for a 2018.
  10. Unleaded Gas question for 2.0L engine

    I alternate fill ups between 93 asked 89. I can't find 91 anywhere. Average in City 19.5 and 24.7 on highway. I use the auto start stop most of the time. It doesn't bother me in the least. I also have nearly 7,000 miles on odom and no problems
  11. Any engine with ESS

    To be honest I can't speak for the Diesel however the ESS does exist on the 2.0 engine. I've gotten used to it and it will only shut off the engine after you have traveled a little while and keep you're fit in there brake. Before you fly lift your foot from the brake pedal there engine kicks...
  12. Anyone drive the 2020 2.0

    I purchased a 2020 Black and Tan 2 door with 2.0 in January and have 4300 miles on odom. I drove both 2019 Unlimited and 2 door with 3.6 and 2.0 prior to buying mine. I don't trust new engines normally especially with turbos but I have to tell you I really like the getty up and go of this...
  13. 2020 Golden Eagle Edition Black and Tan

    Great job! I purchased my Black and Tan in January. Just like you my fav was the 77 Golden Eagle. I want even in the market for another Jeep but when I saw that beauty while driving by car lot.... I hadn't seen one in 40 years and I swore back then I'd have one someday.
  14. Deer Protection

    To best preserve your Jeep from damage (Any kind of damage!) is to park your Jeep in a garage. Shut the door and lock it up. Or just drive cautiously and prepared for that dreaded moment if you do hit a deer. Keep a kit ready for that day. Items to include:. BBQ sauce, sharp knife, lighter...
  15. New Jeep Wrangler JL

    My first wife and I had 13 kids. (3 biological, adopted nephew and niece and then adopted 8 more over the years). Furthermore I raised them myself shortly after our last adoption my wife passed away. My present wife came into the marriage with 5 kids and we decided to adopt another sibling...
  16. New Jeep Wrangler JL

    Thanks. To think as a young kid I drooled over a black Jeep with a tan top and realized as an adult with WAY too many kids I would only be able to dream about owning a Jeep until... They moved out. LOL Cost me $680.00 to move my youngest daughter out of the house into her own apartment. So...
  17. New Jeep Wrangler JL

    ThE kids are all grown now.... Well legally they are classified as adults even if they sometimes still act like two years old.
  18. New Jeep Wrangler JL

    Yep! You read that right. We have 20 kids and now nearly that many grandkids too. God truly blessed us.
  19. New Jeep Wrangler JL

    You mean just me, my wife and our dog with the occasional grandkids in tow. LOL
  20. New Jeep Wrangler JL

    LED headlights. I should have opted for the LED package. I had forgotten how lost three Jeep halogens are. I love Philippians 4:6-7. My wife and I as well as 3 of my kids are all involved in ministry.