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  1. Flat towing ignition mode?

    ok, so i'll plan to keep the ignition OFF and my Patriot II plugged into the "always hot" 12V plug. Still this might cause the battery to drain so I will install this maintainer kit to keep the battery topped off.
  2. Flat towing ignition mode?

    So the only reason you would need to leave ignition in ACC mode while flat towing is if you needed to power a supplemental braking system. Or you could just use the rear cargo area 12V outlet which doesn't need ACC mode to power. Does this sound right?
  3. (SOLD!) These new 18" Altitude Wheels need a new home

    i really can't say for sure but i think you'd be ok. kinda pushing the boundary there. I do know that the dealer recommended the 285/65/18 if i stuck with the stock wheel so that might be the better way to go.
  4. (SOLD!) These new 18" Altitude Wheels need a new home

    Yes, and the tires are 285/70r/17. with the -12 offset wheels they rubbed against the euro fenders just a touch when wheels were turned all the way.
  5. (SOLD!) These new 18" Altitude Wheels need a new home

    I got these wheels: These tires (116Q/C-load): This lift...
  6. 285/75/r17 on stock JL Sport

    How do those NOT rub against the euro fender?? i put on 285/70R/17s and they rub a dub dubbed when wheels turned all the way. Oh i do have 4.5 backspaced wheels. Maybe that did it.
  7. Superlift 2.5 with Fox shocks Review

    I purchased the same lift kit although with shock extensions rather than the Fox shocks. I figured i paid for heavy duty shocks from the factory so why waste those? Anyway, as someone who has never installed anything remotely like this before, do you think it's doable myself vs. paying a...
  8. (SOLD!) These new 18" Altitude Wheels need a new home

    These are sold. Sorry forgot to update the thread title.
  9. Extending the spare tire bump stops

    I'm guessing that these will fit a JL as well? Everything i can find with this product says it fits JK models. Thanks.
  10. Which has the smoothest ride Sport, Sahara, or Rubicon?

    only the Sahara and Altitude packaged Sports have the Heavy duty Gas Shocks. IMO these make for the smoothest ride on road. Especially if you slap on some supple tires like the C-Load KO2's or Ridge Grapplers.
  11. Confusion on Models/Trim Levels

    The Altitude package has some performance upgrades as well as the blacked out bezels & wheels (heavy duty gas shocks, heavy duty disc breaks, etc.)
  12. Ever had the brake pedal lock up when trying to turn it on and Jeep won’t run?

    This has happened to me a few times. Each time is after my 3 year old climbs into the driver's seat and pstarts pressing buttons, pressing on the brake pedal, etc. The brake pedal locks after 1-2 pumps if the engine is off and I could not seem to start it after that. the Fix? Just a couple...
  13. Removing the front lower Airdam

    Took the air dam off, left the metal plate. Looks pretty good. :like:
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Thanks i'll try it myself using this video. Unfortunately, the gas cap is junk now that he installed the cylinder. I'll have to return it, get another and start over.
  15. (SOLD!) These new 18" Altitude Wheels need a new home

    For sale, straight off my brand new JLU Sport Altitude, 18" factory wheels. Black Gloss (of course), all 5 of 'em need a good home right here in the Northwest. Asking $75 a piece for them. I am willing to ship these but prefer local pick up.
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I took mine to a locksmith and he couldn't (or wouldn't) get it to work. After keying it and putting in the key, all the pins dropped out? So he quit and gave it back to me. LOL! What's the secret?
  17. Are my lift plans accurate?

    -12 offset Fuel 17x9" wheels on BFG KO2s 285/70r/17 tires
  18. Hook_em_JLU


  19. JL Unlimited Altitude - Largest Tire, Factory Wheels w/no Lift

    You should have no trouble with 285/65r/18's but anything bigger than that you may have to modify/lift. I actually replaced the wheels on my Altitude with 17x9" ( -12 offset) and went with 285/70r/17 BFG KO2's. i recommend going with new wheels if you have the budget for it. it completely...