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  1. Reaching my breaking point... may consider trading my JLUR

    Traded mine Sept 30th. Same issues, different raft. If it was a project car, different story. I might wait a few years, buy an older JK, and have fun. 4-5 trips to the dealership in less than a year, no thanks. I need something dependable. Good luck my man.
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Good luck my man. My one and only, unless down the road I hit the lottery and it's my third or fourth vehicle. I must have had a bad apple. Too many issues and visits to the shop. All without being off of concrete.
  3. Trade-In Question

    I agree with you, on all accounts. To go one step further - by saving 2500, that's 40-50 bucks a month. That pays my gas for the month. Throw an extra 100 or 2 on it, and it helps when I trade it in 2-3 years down the road. I get bored with vehicles too.
  4. Trade-In Question

    10-years ago, I hated it. It's not necessary. Can you imagine going to the grocery store, standing in line for 2-hours, arguing about a gallon of milk with a starting price of 6.99? I've learned patience over the years. I plan out my time to go, and I will sit there all day if needed. I...
  5. Trade-In Question

    @nostatic I get what you are putting down. When I was much younger and single, I financed a Mustang GT for 84 months so I would have more money to go out with each month. I may have paid that salesman's mortgage that month. I have patience and it's fun to haggle. It's a game for me.
  6. Trade-In Question

    I looked because of the crazy rebate/incentive. Repair bills are a bit worrisome with the luxuries. Unfortunately, leasing makes zero sense to me. 5k down 6-700+ a month. Mileage restrictions, 7/8k+ a year, 5 down, 36 months you’ve chalked up 25-30k. And don’t go over 36k in mileage. .25...
  7. Trade-In Question

    They should add rebates. Last I checked, nada, other than military discount for 750. (I think it’s 750) Vehicles I’ve looked at have at least 1k with 500 bonus cash. (Most have 2-4K, with 500-1500 bonus cash and dealer discounts up to 6k) Looked at an Audi A5 Sportback with 10,995 in rebates...
  8. Trade-In Question

    My bad, I missed your response somehow. Up a few spots, I mentioned the Tax break. To me, it makes it so much easier to sell/buy at the same time/place. I literally just received an email telling me the same thing. The dealership will match an offer from Carvana, if have it evaluated.
  9. Trade-In Question

    Oh, I was also told Wranglers aren’t sought after. It also bothered me that they had Doc fees listed twice. The sales dude, who looked like he was from Miami Vice circa 1985, tried to explain to me that’s how they break it down. I did the math on paper in front of him, he says, oh, I don’t get...
  10. Trade-In Question

    It was more sarcasm, based on the lifted Sport with 80k+ miles for 30k. I mean, I get it. With the dealer cash they are offering right now, I’m sure margins are a little tight. Inflated trade-in values when closer to MSRP, play the number game. 5198 dealer discount 3750 manufacturer rebate...
  11. Trade-In Question

    Believe me, I do my homework. I’ve been researching for 6-weeks. I have a notebook full of numbers, VINs, multiple dealerships, discounts, incentives, etc. I don’t say anything about a trade. I have my wife drive and let them known I’m not trading in her car. I shoot down the, “what do you...
  12. Trade-In Question

    Taxes. Biggest reason I don’t want to sell to Carvana or locally. I’m not sure it’s the same way everywhere. 35,000 - new car price 34,500 - trade value You pay taxes on the difference. (500 - $31) Out the door at 35,031 Tax on 35,000, (2,200 approx) 37,200 - out the door. 34,500 + 2,700...
  13. Doors off/electrical harness - is this normal???

    “It’s a Jeep thing” I’ve learned to treat it like an ‘89 Sentra. Leave everything alone and drive it as little as possible.
  14. Trade-In Question

    Trade-in. I think only one listed the Sport Altitude as an option. I doubt that package ups the value to make a huge difference.
  15. Trade-In Question

    Plain ole Sport. The plan was to make improvements and hang on to it for a while, lift, tires, wheels... you know, the fun stuff.
  16. Trade-In Question

    Sport Altitude - nothing fancy. I hope the pics aren’t too big. Carvana KBB NADA
  17. Trade-In Question

    ‘19 JLU Altitude - concrete warrior, garage kept, never been off-road 10,500 miles 34k a fair trade-in value? KBB, Blackbook, Carvana are anywhere from 32 to a shade under 37. Understanding what I’m buying is a factor as well. Thoughts?
  18. What is the worst dealer behavior that you've observed?

    I have gone through every possible car buying program as well. Banks, Costco, Etc.. I just keep emailing them questions. If they reply with a coherent answer, they might want to sell a car. Said it before, I’m not a giddy little girl. I could test drive a Lamborghini or Ferrari and they...
  19. Apple Carplay Screen "Twitching" Effect

    Yessir .. that's the problem with cars these days. Everything has some sort of electronics attached to it. Give me an engine, a transmission, and a gas tank. Now we have electronic (fill in the blank), 2-batteries that suck, and thousands of people, (including myself), whining about the 50k...