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  1. Top Lift Pro/ with new electric power lift

    Is the new electric feature an option to upgrade the original Top Lift Pro?
  2. Badge Trails in Georgia, Alabama and Florida. Heading out soon if you have run these and have any insight let me know.

    I don't believe Beasley Knob will be open until mid-March. However, there are so many options in N. GA that aren't Badge trails that you'll still have fun. Windrock should be fun up in TN
  3. Jeep E-SHOP Enhances Online Buying Experience

    This is a clear data point that suggests that dealer business models might be shifting to distribution centers and maintenance. Not a great time to be a dealer (for any brand). Those days may be coming to a close.
  4. Bent premium soft top rod

    Thanks everyone. I may give it a go first, if I can get the rod off the hinge. There's an additional clasp if some kind once intake the screw out and I'm not sure how to approach it
  5. Bent premium soft top rod

    Last fall something weird happened taking my soft top off. I got my right thumb caught between the two rods coming out of the left hinge. Due to 5 minutes of excruciating pain, I was finally able to muster super human strength (my thumb and joint are still wonky) I was able to extricate myself...
  6. Rusty's Springs plucking sound

    I was joking since they are "off" in different directions :) Yes, I think I'll be giving it a shot myself
  7. Rusty's Springs plucking sound

    Here are some measurements When you net out the difference it's only off 1/2" :) Honest question, is this shoddy work? Drives straight, who cares about a buckled spring? But wait, there's more! The Falcon 3.1 Series rear shocks were mounted with the tongue of the shock collar mounted on...
  8. Rusty's Springs plucking sound

    I pay for "knowing that they need to do it" There area few other issues but I'll set them aside until I know how it gets dealt with :)
  9. Rusty's Springs plucking sound

    I paid for one, yea!
  10. Rusty's Springs plucking sound

    I'm going to measure. It's visibly not centered just by looking at how far the tires stick out on each side. I wish I could say I did this, but it was a pro job
  11. Rusty's Springs plucking sound

    Also, my axle(s) looked like they may not be properly centered. I'm pretty sure that could also contribute to this
  12. Rusty's Springs plucking sound

    The first chance I got to flex my new suspension and I heard a nasty plucking sound. Today I investigated. I'll let the picture speak for itself. Does this look right to you? Rusty's 3.75" advanced lift
  13. Any Atlanta Jeepers out there?

    The forest service roads are your best bet. There are hundred of miles of them. This thread already has links to all the maps and info. You should be within an hour of anything near Helen
  14. ODB Jscan available for JL

    The first time I did it, it suggested that I turn the Jeep off and do it in ACC mode. However, I've made some additional adjustments had used the Power on Reset and it worked. I didn't go back through the thread so just wanted to make sure you're plugging into the security bypass and not...
  15. ODB Jscan available for JL

    That's weird. It's definitely working here. Did you got to miscellaneous settings and hit the !Restart all ecus option?
  16. ODB Jscan available for JL

    Tire Size works. I would suggest not using the MFGs published diameter and actually measure it. Mine was 3 mph off (set at 36.7 per mfg) and I found that my 37's were closer to 35.5" actual. That made all the difference.
  17. ODB Jscan available for JL

    I think that's probably correct.
  18. ODB Jscan available for JL

    Found it under Vehicle User Settings | Seat Belt Alert. There were two entries but updating one updated both. The BLE+ definitely does NOT do what the MX+ does.
  19. ODB Jscan available for JL

    Where did you find the seat belt chime? This app needs a search function. Also, I wonder if the Veepeak BLE+ is as capable as the MX+. It seems to be a new addition (which I purchased) and they haven't commented on it. It's only $39