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  1. Jeep Ducking (Duck Duck Jeep)

    I'm hoping for the trend $100$100Jeep
  2. STOP ORDER on all Manual Jeeps [Update: software flash fix arrives in March]

    I bought a JLU with the 3.6 and auto. No complaints with the transmission, HOWEVER! I severely injured my shoulder, and my daughter came to visit and drive me to some out of state appointments. She drives with either the gas or the brake pedal pushed to the floor. We took my jeep, because my dog...
  3. CONSUMER REPORTS and Gladiators and Wranglers.

    My '18 JLU now seems to be problem free, at last. But in regards to reliability, FCA just pulled out of CAMVAP, leaving our Canadian cousins to fight any warranty issues on an individual basis, which really sucks. (No lemon laws) But this action has been easily outdone by Chevy, which is...
  4. Trouble shifting to 4H

    It doesn't make the transfer case shift harder, but if you notice the "flex" when pushing/pulling on the shifter, that's the cable flexing rather than forcing the transfer case. It gives cause to the comments that "something may break." The cable is much cheaper to install at the factory. Time...
  5. Steering locked up when going around a curve

    No thanks. I believe I have purchased my last jeep, even though it’s performing well now.
  6. 2021 Jeep JLR problems in first few days

    I traded my problem free JKU in on the JLU, and have seriously regretted it since. Many issues, mostly steering. No problem found, ever, until it would not turn left. It would just lock up until I turned it to the right and then back to the left. I dropped it off and told them keep it until it...
  7. Trouble shifting to 4H

    Funny you should mention farm tractor, because my four wheel drive diesel farm tractor will shift from two to four wheel drive with two fingers. My JLU is two hands! :)
  8. Trouble shifting to 4H

    Hard to shift to 4HI is normal, but does free up "some" after several shifts. It feels like you might break something, but that is mostly because there is no longer direct linkage, it uses a cable which will deflect some when really putting effort into it. Also, the manual states (and it works...
  9. Trouble shifting to 4H

    One of Foghat's best!
  10. Some non Jeepers seriously think they are invincible in a Snow Storm when in 4WD or AWD

    Experience, common sense, good tyres. 4WD gets many people stuck in places they never should have been. That said, my JK and now JLU both got/get very poor traction in ice and packed snow in 2WD. In 4HI it's like it's glued to the road.
  11. Steering issues cured by installing new Steering gear box! (per TSB 08-074-20)

    My steering has been an ongoing problem since new (2018 JLUS) with a high speed wobble (repaired/bandaged) with the new stabilizer. It would sometimes pull to the right, but not violently, just an agitation that would come and go, which was worrisome to me. Finally it started locking up when...
  12. Steering locked up when going around a curve

    Last month (Oct 20) I posted that my steering would lock up making a left turn. Finally, today, I got my Jeep back. New steering box, and it's like night and day. First it isn't locking up, and second it steers better than it did new. Sad it took this long to get fixed, but at least it's done...
  13. Steering locked up when going around a curve

    Jeez, I'm so excited I get to join this club. My 2018 JL started pulling to the right "sometimes" about a year ago. No problem found. Then Saturday morning, temperature at 34 degrees fahrenheit, sun shining and dry roads, I left my driveway and 1/4 mile down the road about 35mph I couldn't turn...
  14. Why are the 2021's rated at higher mpg's than the 2020 model?

    That's the best response I've seen in a good while.
  15. Installing JL trailer hitch and wiring harness

    I put a hitch on my JLU, bought a wiring harness but didn't install it yet because of the hot wire going to the battery. Looks like it involves a lot of time to install it correctly. Then I had to stop and wonder, why not tie into the power outlet that is installed on the driver's side at the...
  16. what about MPG

    Isn't that amazing? NE Ohio, and once winter hits my milage drops from about 22mpg to 18.5 mpg. More ethanol? I run non ethanol in all my farm equipment, but have to drive 50 miles round trip to get it. If we had the gas that was available in the 60s I'm guessing we'd be getting 35 mpg.
  17. Does anyone have this grille?

    If we all thought alike we'd be sitting naked outside the cave saying "I wish someone would figure out how to start a fire so we could cook this sh#t."
  18. Study Suggests State of the World Has More Americans Considering a Jeep

    If you give them a warning you've already lost half the advantage. :)
  19. JL seat comfort versus JK

    I'm 5'8", and I find the JL seats more comfortable than my JK. That's about the only thing I like about the JL. I'd trade even up to get my JK back. :)
  20. Jeep owners probably most prepared for Corona Virus

    That's why I hired someone to handle my money for me. A really wise investment.