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  1. ROAM JL Rock Rails (MK1, JLU 4 Door) Install Guide - Revision 1.0

    Haha!! I comes in black but in a few short weeks will be solid rust.
  2. Roam sidestep Rust

    Mine are less than a year old and full of rust. I was told they had a new bed liner guy. They started rusting in 3 weeks. For me, they were perfect. Great looking and functional. Too bad they are pure trash and a total waste of money. I truly feel sad for anyone they purchased anything from them.
  3. Roam sidestep Rust

    mine are the “switched” powder coated and “switched” bedliner. They have rust everywhere. @ROAM should be ashamed to release a product like this.
  4. Roam sidestep Rust

    congrats to you. I paid for them to line x and there’s rust at every seam.
  5. Roam sidestep Rust

    sheeit. Mine looked worse the that after 3 weeks and they were bedlined from them.
  6. Roam sidestep Rust

    I have the latest version of the body mount. They are bed lined. Rust coming out of every seem. The inside of these is solid rust. On paper @ROAM makes great products. The problem is in the real world they are pure junk. I truly feel bad for anyone that wastes their money on their products.
  7. Jeep Dealer charging 2K to install Mopar 2 Inch Lift Kit!!!!

    I paid $1500 less 20% coupon plus $200 install and $89 alignment and tax at Al Serra in Michigan.
  8. Roam sidestep Rust

    it is sad. I keep seeing their new products and all I can think of is beautifully shaped aftermarket parts covered in rust.
  9. Jeep won't cover engine if i do my own oil changes.

    I have direct experience with FCA not covering engine. The engine seized and they wouldn’t cover it. They it was a 2012 Liberty I did my oil and filter every 5-6500k. It was only 14 months old. I vowed to never buy an FCA product again. Then I bought the Jeep. It’s a total waste of money but...
  10. What side steps / rock rails to add to JL Wrangler?

    A plastic step from Walmart.
  11. Rough Country Front JL FORGED adj trackbar

    Yup! There is always the douche nozzle that says Rough Country sucks yet has somehow never had any experience with them. I’ve got both front and rear now and couldn’t be happier.
  12. Dynomax muffler delete

    You are wrong. I drive the same roads everyday. I pay attention to the gear I’m in. Before I would cruise in 8th the entire highway portion to and from work. Now the only time it shifts to 8th is if I let off the gas. Then of course I start to slow and the downshifts again. Around town it’s...
  13. Michigan Dynomax 39537 Muffler Delete

    I'm selling my Dynomax muffler delete pipe. I'm located in Clarkston, MI. It is in perfect shape with about 600 miles on it. I will ship, but on your dime. Make offer.
  14. Dynomax muffler delete

    I would agree. You are somehow getting far better economy then the epa estimates with bigger tires then stock.. Are you driving downhill both ways? I have 35 inch tires. My Jeep has 10K on it, 6k with the lift and tire and 600 with the pipe.
  15. Dynomax muffler elimination kit revs high when changing gears

    Yes it will in a sense. The tranny will work as directed by the computer. The back pressure reduction from the pipe kit casues load changes in the system which will absolutely effect shift points. Plus it will seem more dramatic due to the sound increase.
  16. Dynomax muffler delete

    I picked this up and installed it. Took 15 minutes max. When I started in the driveway I was pumped. It sounds very nice and not at all fast and furious like. I few minutes after the wife and I took a ride. I was thinking she is going to totally notice, but she didn't. This was over...
  17. Diabolical Slipstream Install and review

    thanks but I’m looking for real owners to reply. By your description the OEM gasket doesn’t do anything until a slipstream is installed. I assume this adds 2mm of material between the tub of the hardtop (gasket). That is potential for extra noise in any vehicle. Just looking for input from...
  18. Diabolical Slipstream Install and review

    great news. One more question. I run a hardtop. Is there any additional wind noise created due the thickness of the material between the top and the tub?
  19. Diabolical Slipstream Install and review

    Can anyone speak about experiences with rust? Every once and a while I hear about rust concerns. Given my experience with a certain brand of steps I’m hesitant to pull the trigger in these. thanks is advance.