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  1. 3.6L with 6 speed MT has uneven power band

    Have a 2018 with about 8K on it. Have been having issues with an uneven power band while accelerating. I can feel it most when getting into 2nd from a turn around a corner. What I feel is that I turn with the clutch in and no gas. While letting the clutch out and giving the JL gas, I...
  2. Best audio setup JL Wrangler 4 door?

    Unfortunately I do not. Looked for the receipt, but didn't have it.
  3. Buy off lot or order?

    This is EXACTLY what I did. Had a Sahara with a manual transmission and everything else I wanted except for the tow package. Had it thrown in with the price of the car. Took it in a couple days later and they installed it, with the factory wiring in about 6 hours. The wiring was the longest...
  4. Best audio setup JL Wrangler 4 door?

    I had the stock radio in my JK after having a Liberty with a nice setup (thought it would be the same/better in the JK, WRONG!!!) and ended up putting Focal speakers all around. didn't have a sub put in, but boy, what a HUGE difference. The speaker shop recommended an amplifier, but I didn't...
  5. Lack of power somtimes during shifting

    I’ll have to check, but I don’t know. I know I have felt it on a down shift that should have the RPMs up.
  6. Lack of power somtimes during shifting

    Have a 3.6L with 6 speed manual transmission. Lately, I have noticed that quite often there seems to be a lack of power after shifting gears. To me, it seems almost like "turbo lag". Obviously there isn't a turbo in play here, but it is VERY noticeable. Pressing on the gas pedal almost has...
  7. Apple Watch Pairing

    Thank you kind sir....good find.
  8. Apple Watch Pairing

    Anyone been able to pair their Apple Watch to Uconnect via Bluetooth? It isn’t specifically listed as supported on the uconnect site. Just curious....
  9. Headlight dial moves from auto

    I'd have to be about 7'10" tall in order to bump that with my knee while getting in. And I know I am not hitting it with my left hand. It's a conspiracy I tell ya, a real conspiracy!
  10. Headlight dial moves from auto

    Noticing lately that the headlight dial is moving just slightly from Auto to On by itself. Or more accurately from auto to almost On. I have had to move to Auto again.
  11. Track bar frame weld issue recall! [Updated with official UA5 recall notice w/ repair procedure]

    Don't quite think this is the same or even a valid comparison. Using Microsoft Word won't kill me, probably.
  12. Rough Idle

    I agree with this as well. Unfortunately, the dealers are going to say that there "are no codes" so there won't be anything for them to fix. This isn't the olden days that you could manually adjust things. CPU does it all now.
  13. 2 "bells" and radio audio went dead

    Was driving last night and heard two very loud "bells" (like a door bell) and then the radio audio quit. The 8.4 touch screen was still on and I could turn the volum up/down but couldn't hear anything. I looked at the dash to see if there was a warning or error, but didn't see anything. I...
  14. Lost backup camera guide lines

    This doesn't have anything to do with it. Yes we can turn them on/off, but it is on by default. Randomly, when you start the Jeep, it is turning off on it's own.
  15. Jeep went to Accessory on its own

    No, this was about 10 minutes after I exited the vehicle. I had looked at the Jeep several times prior to the lights coming on. But I do agree this is what it sounds like happened. It very well may be, but it doesn’t make sense that it was so long after exiting the vehicle.
  16. Keyless Entry and Water (car wash)

    Guess I am a NOOB with this. JK obviously wasn’t this advanced.
  17. Keyless Entry and Water (car wash)

    Interesting thing I have noticed. I have a JLU with Keyless Entry and when I am washing my car, the lights will flash on/off if I am near a door handle and happen to spray said handle with water. Took me a bit to figure out what is going on, but I do have my key in my pocket and then when close...
  18. Jeep went to Accessory on its own

    Just don’t want to walk out one day and find it dead. JLs definitely have some gremlins.
  19. Jeep went to Accessory on its own

    Have a JLU Sahara 6 speed manual. Sitting at dinner tonight and the JLU was across the parking lot, but could see it from where we were sitting. All of a sudden the backup lights turned on (I leave it in reverse when I am parked). We were far enough away (at least 40 feet) that we couldn't...
  20. Lost backup camera guide lines

    Hate posting "same here", but I feel left out that I cannot post the same thing that others do. All of a sudden, just started to disappear. 4 out of the last 5 times in reverse, they are gone. Have gone to settings to disable/enable them, but they still aren't showing.