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  1. How can you tell which kit is the newest Mopar 2" lift kit???

    Sorry for the delay.... Those are Fuel Krank 18"x9"
  2. Backup Camera Bezel + Aftermarket Wheels

    Here's a Fuel 18x9 at +1 or 5 backspace and the backup cam, Also some may not know that the center cap has a center cap that's removable.
  3. Alcon Big Brake Kit for JL Wrangler Complete!

    How long do the brake pads last compared to the OEM? How much do the replacement pads cost? Do they squeal/squeak either while braking or when not braking? Are the brake pads subject to change by the manufacturer w/o notice to the buyer? Example being- OE Alcon pads that squeal get updated and...
  4. is JL wrangler reliable?

    maintenance and repair no more costly than any other vehicle. FUN FACTOR exceeds most others.
  5. Is it worth $650 to keep factory warranty?

    Most stealerships use the labor guide to make estimates. If I remember correctly the Mopar lift takes 2.2 hours per the guide. So it should only cost 2.2 x labor rate. That said if the dealer has never installed one it will take longer. They cant void your warranty though because a lift is...
  6. scared about issues I've been reading about

    I find it condescending that a Subaru owner comes here to praise the Subaru (Yet they have multiple problems of their own), then point out all the flaws in the JL He's not buying one, he already stated his wife is done with them. So I agree he's here to Troll. Sorry just calling it how I see it!
  7. Backup Camera Bezel + Aftermarket Wheels

    I've learned that a 4.5 backspace (-12) will allow the Camera bezel to fit, also it doesn't block the bottom half of the camera view. A 5 backspace (+1) wont allow the bezel and blocks the bottom half of camera view. That's my experience with Fuel wheels anyways.
  8. JL comfort if lifted

    Yes, several.
  9. JL comfort if lifted

    I have nothing but good things to say about the Mopar 2' lift (except those crazy spring pads). My ride is great and wouldn't change a thing. Some here have ride quality issues that they claim is the E rated tires they installed. I have E rated Nitto's and no problem with the ride quality.
  10. Clanking Sound (Mopar Lift)

    Bummer, I had to go look at mine after seeing this. I can fit my fat fingers between the spring and sway bar link(about an inch). Mine has the RK pads installed and the springs have very little bowing, yours has a lot of bowing. I would ditch those Mopar spring pads and put on RK or the Alloy...
  11. 17" vs 18" wheels

    Or just get creative.
  12. MOPAR 2" Lift (initial review) - AWESOME!!!

    Rubicon fenders are an inch or more higher than the Sport/Sahara fenders. Makes it a little confusing but I think that's the only difference. Same amount of actual lift but different amounts of clearance in the fenders.
  13. Proper backspacing/offset for 35’s with no bulge

    Here's 35x12.5x18 Nitto's on 18x9 wheel at +1 or 5 backspace.
  14. Break-in period, who follows it?

    Nah... you break them in how you intend to use them. If your going to baby it forever then break it in that way.
  15. Do you need to relocate the third brake light with 35's ???

    My 35 wont clear the bumper on my JLUS stock plastic bumper. Had to install the relocate bracket.
  16. Do you need to relocate the third brake light with 35's ???

    I moved mine up. It's easy to do and it clears the 35" spare. Each stalk has 2 torx head screws that hold it in place. Remove the 4 screws and gently pull up on the brake light assy. so that the lower screw is now the upper screw. This moves it up over the top of the tire.
  17. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    I paid $1350 for the Mopar lift and $3500 for wheels and tires. Did the work myself. Very happy with my setup.