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  1. JLU 315s 2” Mopar Lift Stats

    Thats a good looking Jeep Love those wheels
  2. 16 month old son, dropped license in Emergency brake slot.

    Dropped an Airpod down that same slot and was lucky to have been able to pull it with a magnet stick Stupid its not sealed properly
  3. Best sounding JL comes from muffler delete

    Replaced Dynomax muffler delete with a Corsa Sport (Turn down tips) I've tried a lot of exhaust setups and till now I like this one best.. Loud once you step on it and quite cruising around
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    My 3rd exhaust setup :D Corsa Sport with turn down tips
  5. JLUR vs G63 vs Jimny in off-road challenge [Carwow]

    JLUR needed a driver mod for that last hill Why have the diffs locked and rev it that high too!?
  6. No muffler

    Removed my Volant intake to hear more of the Dynomax exhaust It sounds absolutely beautiful now
  7. I wish my Jeep had...

    A supercharger
  8. Dynomax muffler elimination kit revs high when changing gears

    I'm no wheel expert but Yes, most JK wheels will work on the JL Just different lug nuts
  9. Dynomax muffler elimination kit revs high when changing gears

    Yes, or you could get a calibration unit like a Tazer mini or an AEV procal
  10. Dynomax muffler elimination kit revs high when changing gears

    Exhaust will not affect the way your transmission behaves, its just a muffler delete. You may be noticing the higher revs due to the louder exhaust sound. Mine now makes me notice downshifts because of the added sound.
  11. What carbon fiber products would you like to see

    Rubicon functional hood vents will make me bite
  12. Corsa sport axel-back + S&B intake

    Glad to hear you finally scored on the tone you wanted A video will be nice ;)
  13. Borla s-type / atak / Corsa “sport”

    Dynomax muffler delete sounds a bit louder than the Borla S-Type. I have had both and switched from Borla to Dynomax since I wanted more sound Borla S-Type will be perfect since you don't want it as loud as the Dynomax
  14. JLU Sport (Full Mopar built)

    Double fog lights are a WIN Grill looks horrible IMO, at least add 5 LEDs for a cleaner look
  15. New Bumper

    Looks good ;)