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  1. Oops, I did it again...

    Good Lord! Get the stick out of your ass and quit obsessing over @DaltonGang. You are so worried about defending the OP that you don't even realize you have seriously mucked up his thread with your puling....and yes if I am ever in SanFran again, I'll look you up and tell you personally...
  2. Jeep Ducked!

    Alright, that's cool as shit! Totally ripping off your idea.
  3. Stock Jeep Support Group

    Does buying off the Missus with appliances count as a mod problem??? A new frig, range, dishwasher, and microwave for her gets me a lift, wheels and 37's. Good trade??
  4. Replacing Factory Lug Nuts

    Yep, you are good to go one at a time. Since the JL has M14 studs instead of the M12s that the JK had, you need to tighten them to 130 ft/lbs.
  5. Is there a video on how to completely remove the soft top?

    That's pretty much it. It can be done solo, but it's like wrestling an octopus to get the top off or back in place. Infinitely easier with a helper.
  6. Looking for this wheel style with Tires mounted

    They have the BFGs in stock and if you PM @Discount Tire, they can probably get the wheel and price you a complete package.
  7. Florida Roll Call!

    Hog root was a great trail, but the stock Rubi definitely suffered on the break over. I got high centered and had to get pulled off one and simply couldn’t get over another. Other than those 2 spots, she walked through the rest of the trail easily. 35’s and a small lift would have made all the...
  8. What are the tailgate vents really for?

    Hmmm, makes sense. wait, what? Could it be that I learned something new today?? :like:
  9. What are the tailgate vents really for?

    Definitely to prevent excess pressure when closing doors. I've had a couple of cars that would automatically crack the power window just a bit when opening the door. After the door was closed, it would automatically roll back up. Serves the same purpose.
  10. Anyone take the T50 door bolts out and leave them out?

    Haven't re-installed mine since the first time I took the doors off in July 2019. No issues, just spray a little dry lube in there every now and then. As for getting doors stolen - riddle me this, how are you going to remove the doors with them closed and locked?
  11. Red wheels for 2019 JLUR

    I’m actually looking at those exact wheels. I’m feeling the “in your face” gaudy red. It’s gonna be these or the fuel zephyr.
  12. Terrific Aftermarket Fob I came across

    Alright, you've been teasing us long enough......when are they going to take my damn money??
  13. Using "Jeep" as part of name of a group

    Seems to be a trend lately. Infidel Jeepers has been around for a long time with multiple state groups and were forced to change to Infidel Offroad last year.
  14. Florida Roll Call!

    Who's going to Jeepin with Judd in a couple of weeks? I know @Wabujitsu is, and interested in meeting up with other locals.
  15. I must be getting old...

    Good point. Probably more focused on getting the higher temperature bulbs, because if 6500K is good then 10,000K is better...right?
  16. I must be getting old...

    Every time a headlight thread gets started, there is the inevitable "idiots putting LED bulbs in a housing not designed for them" gets trotted out. Properly designed LED replacement bulbs have the high/low diodes in the same place as the filaments in standard bulbs (see pics). Hence the light is...
  17. Jeep Wave Double Standard

    Oh we definitely need a poll to break down the technical differences on why people wave and get to the bottom of this once and for all...... No worries, there will be another thread tomorrow on "why do Jeeps with 33s wave more than 35s?" Excellent dissertation - I have printed this off and...