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  1. The FIX for the drip rail water leaking that anyone can do

    I bought these in Spring/Summer of 2020. They work really well and when painted to match, not as noticeable as you would think. Easy to install with the tape provided. However, after being installed for several months the tape did start to fail. I decided to make it more permanent and use...
  2. Steering locked up when going around a curve

    I had the steering lock up going around a gradual right turn on a major road. Caught me off guard (obviously not something I was expecting). Chrysler/Jeep "could not Replicate". I cant make it happen or identify any circumstances or parameters for it. It may never happen again but...
  3. 3.6L ESS Battery Diagram

    ... I tried connecting a couple volt meters to monitor when the batteries are connected and when they are not, but the ESS would not operate with the volt meters connected. When you connected your voltmeters and the ESS wouldn’t operate, did it show the red ESS light on the dash?