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  1. Which Warranty Did You Get? And how much did it cost?

    Thanks for the information. Tom just helped me out and couldn't have been easier to work with. $980.00 for 8/85 Maximum Care. I'll never hit the 85,000 miles so good to go until 5-2-28. :)
  2. Insight needed from Rubicon owners

    Technically they are 315/70 R 17s, so not quite 35s, but I haven't (and probably won't) hit full articulation. I'm mostly snow and mud fun.
  3. (for those living in snow only): how often do you take your rig to the car wash in the winter?

    I agree with those that have to deal with road salt / chemicals. DOT uses A LOT of salt here. So I have a monthly membership to the carwash and generally wash mine whenever the roads clear up.
  4. Stupid Question - Why did Jeep discontinue the padding on the roll bars?

    I prefer the no padding look. My 2013 JKU Sahara's padding faded a lot before I traded up. Could easily tell where the "Oh Shit" handle straps were verses where they were not. As far as why, I'm guessing it's what most people have already said... costs...
  5. Driving in the Snow - Traction Control On or Off?

    I grew up in Minnesota and went to college in North Dakota. Currently live in Nebraska. If I have to put my Jeep in 4HI for snow etc., I turn off the traction control immediately. It's a personal preference, but I feel as though I have more control over the vehicle with it turned off and...
  6. Rubicon owners . Dash display

    My 2020 JLUR Recon said Wrangler. I have a Tazer and changed it to Rubicon. Not sure why so many differentiations.
  7. Topless Drivers

    Had a 13 JKUS. Dual tops. Armor Doors. Spidershade. Tonneau. When I got the 20 JLUR Recon, I ordered a Spidershade, Armor Doors and a Tonneau the next day. Ordered a Bestop Trektop Ultra shortly after. Soft top was / will be on as soon as possible in the Spring and stays on as long as...
  8. Question for those with a soft top

    Have the same Trektop Ultra. Had it on all Summer and Fall. (only had the Jeep 6 months). Not having the zippers works great! Even took it through the car wash with no issues at all.

    Thanks! I like this set up. I had a lift and 35's on my 13' JKU Sahara, and to me the JLUR with 35s is just the right look / set up. (of course ask me in 3 years... :)) edit: spelling
  10. Rubicon vs Recon Rubicon

    From my window sticker: Customer Preferred Package 28Y $2,755 Recon Package Red Seat Belts Wrapped Instrument Panel Bezels with Red Stitch Recon Badge Black / Body Color Grille 17–Inch x 7.5–Inch Machined/Painted Black Wheels LT285/70R17C BSW M/T Tires LED Lighting Group Front LED Fog Lamps LED...

    I know you requested with a lift, but here's my 2020 Recon with Method MR305 NV with 0 offset and 315/70/17 KO2s without a lift.
  12. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Closed it up and getting ready for fall...
  13. Soft Top vs. Hard Top ... Where the weather is great!

    My Recon came with only the hard top. I took it off the day after we bought it 5/3/20, and ordered a Bestop Trektop Ultra. In Nebraska I have the soft top and armor doors on all summer. Put the factory doors on usually around October 1st, at least I did on my 13 JKUS. Plan on doing the same...
  14. Post pics of your Rubicon on 35s no lift

    Thanks for the confirmation!
  15. Post pics of your Rubicon on 35s no lift

    Just just ordered BFG KO2s in 315/70/R17 on Method 305s with 0mm offset with the thought / hope that the wheels / tires will still fit inside the wheel well. Please tell me if I'm wrong. I'm not going to be going to full articulation all that often, but that was the plan at least.
  16. RUBICON RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    I'll throw mine in to the pile. Changing a few things, lights, rails, Bestop. Love it so far. Looking at 35s today.
  17. Things you have learned the Hard way about owning a Jeep.

    As was stated before warm weather and treats don't mix. 100 degree heat index, our two daughters, the neighbors daughter and Dairy Queen make for a messy ending to a naked Jeep ride...
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Put my doors back on and put my Bestop Trektop Ultra on. First time I've had the doors on since the day after I bought it three months ago, and also first time had everything on and sealed up. Pretty happy with the setup.
  19. 3 Random Observations on the JLU....

    My wife's Aviator has phone as a key, although I don't trust it yet...: The all-new Aviator feature Lincoln-first Phone As A Key technology, designed to provide an effortless and seamless experience for clients. This intuitive technology offers an additional option for clients to access and...