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  1. Odometer now reads in KM

    Somehow, my odometer switched from miles to KM. Not sure if I caused this or some electrical glitch. Can’t find anything in the owner’s manual or online help to switch it back. Help!
  2. Does this windshield fix by dealer look acceptable?

    A High School Auto Shop class would have done a better job!
  3. Spied! V8 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Hemi Production Version Begins Testing!

    Mopar V8’s are notorious gas guzzlers. My 2014, 2 wheel drive Grand Cherokee with the 5.7 hemi is lucky to break over 14 mpg in the city. If this Wrangler goes into production, count on 12 mpg. The poor aerodynamics will be the biggest hurt on mpg.
  4. Spied! V8 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Hemi Production Version Begins Testing!

    My guess is very limited numbers due to FCA needing to meet C.A.F.E. requirements and $50000 base pricing. A turbo 3.6 would make more sense!
  5. Traded the 2dr Rubicon

    Lifestyles and priorities change. I traded my 2018 Rubicon 2dr for a 2020 Gladiator Sport S. The smoothest Jeep I've ever driven, besides a former Grand Cherokee! The mods begin this Friday with a factory steel bumper and winch.
  6. Installed: 37s with NO LIFT on JLUR

    Looks like a rollerskate
  7. Trail Cam from Gladiator to Wrangler

    I find it odd that the Trail Cam is offered on the least trail worthy vehicle in the Wrangler lineup. What's next, Launch Control?
  8. Sound feedback in lower dash panel

    After putting up with a buzzing/feedback noise, coming from the area in the dash panel, below the steering column, the dealer finally found a TSB regarding the issue. The feedback was consistent with the music playing. Almost like another speaker. Evidently, the cause was a module located...
  9. JL tool set .... fail

    Made in China, no doubt!
  10. Way to kill the Jeep look..

    Looks like an Avanti
  11. Impressions from a 5.13 gears install on a JL Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon (JLUR)

    Using the stock pumpkins, the ring and pinion gear teeth will be significantly narrower than your stock ratio gears. This equates to a weaker link. Combine that with heavier tires and wheels, and you're setting yourself up for something breaking. You can probably get by with light offroad...
  12. Mopar Begins Selling Wall Charger in Preparation for Jeep Wrangler 4xe Hybrid Electric

    Honda 4000 watt generator that you have in the back of your rig
  13. JL Dana 30 & Dana 35 - how strong are they?

    When replacing your ring and pinion gears with numerically larger ones, the only way they will fit is to narrow the gear teeth. This is the weak link. Measure the tooth thickness between a 4.56 and 3.08 and that will give you an idea on what you sacrifice with regard to durability. That's why...
  14. You paid what??? You got ripped!!!

    $46000, loaded JL Rubicon from Chapman Jeep, Henderson, NV. 2018, purchased new in 2/19.