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  1. Rims with a backspace larger than 4.5" -- will that be a problem?

    I have a question regarding rims. My wife bought a new JL about 6 months ago. The stock rims are 17" and have a 4.5 backspace. She is interested in getting new rims. My question is: if she gets rims with a backspace larger than 4.5", will that be a problem?
  2. What Years Are JL Hard Top Freedom Panels Interchangeable?

    As an alternative, look at Recently purchased one for my wife's 2020JL. Easy to install and just gives you a different view than the Freedom top!
  3. First mods on my 2021 JLUR - What should they be?

    Beancooker, Recognize your avatar from another forum. LOL My wife bought a 2020JL six months ago. She does moderate offroading in NH. First thing she did was to buy 35" tires to replace the stock tires. She bought Nitto tires. Next, she purchased a different front bumper and a Warn winch. Next...