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  1. So it is Finally Here: Mopar Gorilla Glass Windshield replacement for JL JLU!

    Shipping, and cost to install. My glass shop quoted $170 to install the HGP windshield in the JT.
  2. any new wireless CarPlay dongles out there?

    My reading indicates that the two different brands (CPlay2air & Carlinkit) are similar. They're both based on the iPhone 6 chipset.
  3. any new wireless CarPlay dongles out there?

    I, too, am using the Carlinkit on the JT. Mine is a first gen., but the manufacturer told my that the electronics are the same for both generations: the 2nd gen. is just a sleeker package. They also strongly recommend upgrading to the newest firmware if you experience any issues. I use mine in...
  4. Info Overload: Audio Upgrade Questions

    So I was adding full-range 3½" speakers in place of the 3½" tweeters in my JT today, and tested the polarity of the tweeters vs. the full-range speakers (JBLs, in my case.) A word of caution: a 9V battery puts a lot of current through your speakers, and could damage them. A 1½V battery will...
  5. Actual Short Gas Cap Tether Fix. (Takes 1 Minute)

    The lanyard on the JT is the longer one. It's almost too long, in fact. Anyone wanna trade?
  6. Android Auto only plays on right rear speaker

    On my JT using CarPlay, the announcements only play on the left side. Anyone else happen to notice this?
  7. Noob with

    I went with the Viecar... It's worked out nicely. Probably the only adapter that really makes any difference is the OBD Link MX+, at like 4X the cost of any of the others!
  8. Noob with

    From the product description for the Veepeak: " NOT COMPATIBLE WITH IOS DEVICES (iPhone or iPad)! " That leaves out a large share of the market.
  9. Heated steering wheel not that hot?

    In the JT it gets quite toasty very quickly. I usually turn it off within 10 minutes.
  10. What else do you drive?

    Other vehicles... The wife: 2015 BMW 335ix 2006 MB CLK 350 cab. Me: 1966 Ford Fairlane 1995 Mustang GT convertible 1972 Jeep J4000 2006 SuperDuty Plus a couple of motorcycles.
  11. Need some advice re setting up new 2021 Rubicon for being towed

    I’ve seen many posts in RV forums where the chargers simply don’t work, leaving the toad’s battery dead. I haven’t seen anything about actual damage, either.
  12. Need some advice re setting up new 2021 Rubicon for being towed

    Not pinching pennies, going for simplicity. And I've read too many comments about things like the RVI charger not working properly, and running the toad's battery dead. The last thing I need is my auxiliary braking system to quit because the Jeep's battery goes dead. KISS A diode battery...
  13. What do you call a Jeep Wrangler?

    They're MPPVs (Mutli-Purpose Passenger Vehicles.) At least, that's what my old Wagoneer was designated on the ID plate. The current vehicle is usually referred to as Gladiator, or Jeep. But not, "Truck," (that's my SuperDuty,) and certainly not, "Car."
  14. Need some advice re setting up new 2021 Rubicon for being towed

    I was going to use the CoolTech light system, but decided to go with wireless taillights instead: I didn't want to chop into the Jeep's wiring harness. As for the battery charger, you can simply run a wire from the 7-pin 12V contact to the battery on the toad, through a 15A circuit breaker, and...
  15. Need some advice re setting up new 2021 Rubicon for being towed

    Another vote for the Maximus Tow Loops. Once I get some warmer weather here I've a pair to install on the JT. I like the idea of minimal modification to the toad.
  16. Emergency Equipment/Tools to keep in the jeep!

    I have a couple of different first aid kits, a fire extinguisher, an entrenching tool, some ratchet straps, spare bulbs & fuses, the Jeep Torx kit, gloves, moving pad, flashlight, a couple of other small things that don't come to mind. Kevin
  17. JLU stock headlight upgrade

    Scroll down to the bottom of this page and check out some of the other threads regarding this topic. As for myself, I just added LED replacement lamps, and am quite satisfied.
  18. Has anyone Line-x or Rhinolined their hardtop?

    So how much weight did it add? Curious minds want to know...
  19. TPMS Woes

    I bought these: ...and they've been good for a month now.