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  1. AEV JLU Wrangler Build [SEMA 2019]

    But then it wouldn't be "proprietary"... ;)
  2. AEV JLU Wrangler Build [SEMA 2019]

    Pretty sure they said the exact same thing in 2019...
  3. AEV JLU Wrangler Build [SEMA 2019]

    I know for a fact that this is the big frustration with many AEV fans like me. Lots of internal bandwidth is clearly prioritized for other projects these days, and the JL has clearly been put on the back burner. 2.5 years after "product release", and we still can't buy it. Time to move on.
  4. Rear Track Bar Mount Completely Sheared from Frame

    I would insist that the FCA guy verify and re-weld every bracket on your frame. Would really suck to get “out there” on your upcoming trip and have the other side fail too....
  5. Rear Track Bar Mount Completely Sheared from Frame

    This. And, screw any talk of "repair" here. I would demand a NEW FRAME. Because every other weld/bracket/mount on that frame is now SUSPECT. This is no longer a road worthy vehicle.
  6. White Knuckle Rock Sliders for the JLUR

    Thanks. The Bushwacker stuff is "ok", but it rubs the bottom of the doors slightly which while not a huge issue it kills my OCD knowing the paint is being abraded. I plan on pulling it off and just doing Line-X in that area.
  7. Rhino Rack Backbone installation

    Agreed, their video instructions are first rate.
  8. Gas mileage when lifted with 35s?

    JLUR, 3.6 auto with 35's on OEM rims, 2.5 inch lift. Winch, roof rack, rock sliders and a bunch of mods. I get 17 in town, more if I don't drive with my foot in it like normal. I've seen 19 on the highway, more before I added the roof rack. An important, often overlooked factor is your onboard...
  9. DIY: Rear hatch LED light strip

    This. And be sure that you use actual 3M VHB double sided tape - clean the surfaces with alcohol wipes prior to install and do it in warmer temps (not cold outside). It makes a difference and you want it to stay put on the trail etc. 3M is the way.
  10. DIY: Rear hatch LED light strip

    It really is a game changer :rock:
  11. Snatch Blocks - which to buy?

    This. Friends don't let friends buy Shittybuilt. Especially when it comes to recovery gear that can seriously injure or kill when it fails.
  12. Snatch Blocks - which to buy?

    Back to the OP's question, here is what I consider to be the "best of breed" pulley block. Safe Xtract. This is the pinnacle in safety and performance for a snatch block. A snatch block is a pulley with side plates (cheeks) that can be opened to reeve the line into the block. Their patent...
  13. Snatch Blocks - which to buy?

    I stand by my "derogatory" comment and I'll take it a step further. Fuck China. Why would I/you/anyone choose to buy a recovery gear product made there when I have the option to buy American made? No need to answer, it's just my opinion. And I'm not the only one who avoids made in China when...
  14. Snatch Blocks - which to buy?

    I’m not here to recommend any one single brand. But my experience has taught me that not all are created equal, and made in USA still means something, especially in the recovery/overhead rigging/tow truck/longshore/logging/fishing world. There are some brands making stuff “offshore” that is...
  15. Snatch Blocks - which to buy?

    Cool story, but you're comparing apples to oranges. Recovery gear is different, and should be properly RATED and MARKED, and above all it should be independently tested to failure. Does Gear America (dot net) do this? And do they provide full transparency on materials used and destructive...
  16. Snatch Blocks - which to buy?

    I don't recommend Gear America - rebranded Chinesium.... .02