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  1. Wrangler Involved in Crash (Shoved) Into Motorcycle Cops

    When you are driving someone's rig setup with hand controls and you are not used to it, stuff like this can happen, I think the guy was just doing what the truck owner was telling him and lost control. So he wanted to rev and it and show off, I am guessing that Cop felt like a dick after telling...
  2. Do I need frequent tire alignments after getting a lift?

    Yeah, should be good until you decide to upgrade a lift steering component. :rock:
  3. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Gave it a light trail wash

    Wash job ;) for my Granite Crystal
  5. When the Tractor breaks

    Used the JL to get out some Hay bales for the horses.
  6. A boy and his dog (and his Jeep) at the end of the world.

    Digging it!! Really love that color!! Stoked to see as the build continues!! :rock:
  7. Most functional off-road upgrades?

    I went to an off-road park with my cousin in his bone stock 18 Rubi and my lifted rubi, winch, wheels, 35's etc. and he could do everything I could he just had to pick his line where as I could do any line I wanted. I also could go twice as fast as where he had to crawl. So I think the stock...
  8. Black vs. body color hard top

    Not to be that guy :movember: but for me it was about how much I use my rig on the trails. Here In MN the tree branches scratch the heck out of the roof, especially since my jeep is lifted. My cousin has the black painted top and I have the matte black. His roof needed to be repainted while my...
  9. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    My Girlfriends uncle and her moms boyfriend just put in buy/build orders for the Bronco and me and my cousin have 18/19 Rubi's, can't wait to get these bronco's with us on the trails and off road parks!! We will post pics video's of these rides getting put to the test, no question, side by side...
  10. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    I just had my detailer fix all my scratches, but I guess it is time to make new ones!!! bought it, upgraded it, trailed the heck out of it! haha stoked for this summer!
  11. ARB Bondi Deluxe Bumper as alternative to AEV and others?

    I run 37x12.5 milestar pat's with the KMC Machete's Sixe: 17X9 • Bolt Pattern: 5X5 • Offset: -38MM • Hub Bore: 78.30MM • Back Spacing: 3.50 my bumpstop is the mopar lift bumpstop kit which has two bump stops one for 37+ and 35's and below I believe all the way to factory 33's I am...
  12. ARB Bondi Deluxe Bumper as alternative to AEV and others?

    Yes, the brackets do not work with the factory lights but you can modify them really easily to make them work with some new screws or welding the connecting points similar to the stock setup. I welded my Baja mount for the factory fogs into the ARB mount. Also no there is no cut outs for the...
  13. ARB Bondi Deluxe Bumper as alternative to AEV and others?

    Right, the travel will be enough to clear in most cases unless you are at full flex on a trail, the edge that is hits is extremely close to clearing it as is. Personally this bumper is marketed as an Overlanding setup, not a rock crawler, it is to be expected. ARB and tons of other vendors...
  14. ARB Bondi Deluxe Bumper as alternative to AEV and others?

    No it is just enough out of the way! But if you plan on mounting center lights you will need a riser to get above the bull bar.
  15. ARB Bondi Deluxe Bumper as alternative to AEV and others?

    The offset is pretty out there, and i still rub so not sure with the different offset, more tire to hit on. But the taller lift is definitely the answer! anything more than than the 2.5 mopar should be enough because it just barely touches at full flex, I have been thinking when this lift or...
  16. Is the steel Mopar Bumper worth replacing with an aftermarket one?

    Sorry been slacking on taking new pics, a few more old ones, Will get some fresh ones soon!
  17. ARB Bondi Deluxe Bumper as alternative to AEV and others?

    I have the mopar lift, I rub with 37's on the bottom of the bumper at certain angles, with a decent amount of flex.