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  1. GPS issues

    I’m at 43k miles and 3 years will be April. I agree it’s unacceptable. I understand nothing lasts forever but I don’t consider a car radio disposable and am not excited about a $2k spend if they won’t cover. It shouldn’t have this issue. Thnx for the info.
  2. GPS issues

    Great. I’m out of warranty on mine. Anyone have any luck getting them to cover? What’s the cost of out of warranty?
  3. GPS issues

    Strange how many of us are having such a similar issue here and across a range of model years. Sounds like maybe a bad software update might be a good guess? I can’t imagine the hardware would fail in such a similar way across a few different models and years. Please let us know what ur dealer...
  4. GPS issues

    Yea this kind of stuff is annoying for sure. Truthfully I dont use the in-dash nav much with CarPlay available, but I would like the compass to be right and if there was ever a need to track the vehicle as stolen, I assume that would be fu*led in its current state. oh yea... and we paid for it...
  5. GPS issues

    Count me in here too. 2018 JLUR with 8.4. Compass is off and nav has me driving across fields and oceans nowhere near where I actually am. I have ski racks mounted on the Jeep and just assumed this might be causing interference with the gps antenna. I mostly use Waze so I haven’t taken the racks...
  6. Suggestions: Creaking roof/additional weather stripping for doors

    Please keep us posted. Mine is very creaky as well especially in the winter. Seems to be coming from the sound bar area right behind driver seat where the freedom panels meet the rest of the hardtop. Like you, I’ve tightened, greased, taped, and foamed with no success.
  7. Key fob battery life?

    My JLUR is a 2018 that I picked up in April that year. Have about 42k miles and have not replaced the fob battery. It’s still original from the factory.
  8. Jeeps in Snow... post pics.

    North jersey snowstorm. Doin a little hiking
  9. JL corrosion

    I think I’ve got this issue. Waxed the Jeep this weekend and noticed the below. Is this what is being referred to?
  10. Anyone having issues with clutch engagement and feel?

    thank you for this. What grease did you find best in quieting it down long term? Also I assume removing the spring is the procedure I read on this forum about depressing pedal to floor and removing? Re-install is same procedure?
  11. RC Scale of a 2018 rubi?

    So that’s how they make Jeep commercials! :LOL: Pretty amazing detail in that model.
  12. Anyone having issues with clutch engagement and feel?

    Thanks guys! I’ll take a closer look. Just frustrating dealer service wouldn’t have done it for me since they heard it and it was in for the clutch recall anyway.
  13. Anyone having issues with clutch engagement and feel?

    My ‘18 manual JLUR feels and shifts great, it just doesn’t sound great. I have pedal creak with every shift. Just had it in for recall and mentioned the creak. I was told by dealer service it’s mechanically fine and could either pay for a new clutch (I’m at 40k miles) or turn the radio up...
  14. JlUR Clutch Creaking

    Thanks Brian! Mine is a 2018 also but I’m at 40k. Please let me know if they’re able to fix your situation.
  15. JlUR Clutch Creaking

    Lucky you for finding the rare service tech who is willing to dig in. Please share if/how they fix it. Also, what year is your Jeep and are you within the 12k clutch warranty? It sucks how we pretty much have to play armchair mechanic with these dealer service departments.
  16. JlUR Clutch Creaking

    Update - I dropped my JLUR off at the dealer for steering and clutch recalls, diff and transfer case service... and creaking clutch. They had the Jeep for 3 days. Got a call today I could pick it up. Asked about the clutch and was told “yes service tech heard it but it didn't happen every time...
  17. Jeep Wave donation

    Great idea! Mine have already expired unused. Too bad as I would have definitely donated if there was a way.
  18. JlUR Clutch Creaking

    Mine is doing this too. 2018 JLUR with 40k miles. Dealer “fixed” the creaking once by greasing and now it’s back. Guess another trip for service. I need the clutch recall done anyway so hopefully that fixes it for good
  19. # of Wranglers you’ve owned

    Also Jeep guy here! Started with Grand cherokees until I finally got smart and bought my first wrangler in 2012. Now I have the bases covered with a Jeep SRT and JLUR in the driveway! GC: 2004 special edition, 2007 Laredo, 2009 Rocky Mtn, 2011 70th anniv, 2014 Laredo, 2014 limited, 2015 SRT...