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  1. Should I regear?

    I live in Texas. Relatively flat. May make some trips up in Oklahoma in the moutains or Arkansas. Not sure what I want to do. I’m curious the cost to regear. Not something I’d want to do myself.
  2. Should I regear?

    Had lift and 37s on for almost 2 months. Tazer installed, still maintaining 22-23 MPG, which im happy with. I’m wanting to tow a small camper. 3000# dry weight. Still in stock 3.73 gears. Should I regear? If so, what to? What are advantages to regearing? I know lots of us on here haven’t done so...
  3. Who blatantly tows a camper OVER 3500#?

    Absolutely won’t skimp here. Gonna use equalizer 4 point WDH and Curt echo brake controller.
  4. Who blatantly tows a camper OVER 3500#?

    I FINALLY decided on a model, and wife is happy too, so we put down a deposit on a new unit being built. Should be here in April sometime. Once it’s here. I’m figuring 3200# dry and not the 3059 advertised, but I’m happy with our choice. And yes, the tow police are everywhere!!!!
  5. Who blatantly tows a camper OVER 3500#?

    So let’s say, what about. 3800# camper? With brake control, WDH and anti sway?
  6. Who blatantly tows a camper OVER 3500#?

    I know y’all bastards are out there! Don’t be scared LOL
  7. Who blatantly tows a camper OVER 3500#?

    Don’t need no damn lecture. I haven’t over towed anything yet lol. But come on boys, just own up to it.
  8. Who blatantly tows a camper OVER 3500#?

    Just be honest lol. I’m curious. Who tows over the limit, and by how much? I know you’re not supposed to, don’t need to lecture. I’m simply curious as to who all does it, in their experiences towing have been.
  9. 3.0 won’t crank

    Cranked right up last night. We are good.
  10. 3.0 won’t crank

    Thanks. Once in a lifetime storm here. I’m gonna leave it parked for now. Can’t do anything until temps rise, hopefully tomorrow or Saturday. Average low in north tx this time of year is 30-40 ish. Not -2
  11. 3.0 won’t crank

    Well ya know Rick I didn’t think I’d have this issue in Texas either, yet here we are 😂
  12. 3.0 won’t crank

    Don’t know where it would he. I’m at work now. Gonna see what I can find online
  13. 3.0 won’t crank

    I’m almost positive that’s what it is. Any idea what I can do to remedy the issue? Besides the ambient temp outside be above freezing? Lol
  14. 3.0 won’t crank

    It’s wanting to turn over but won’t fire up. No block heater. Battery has juice from What I can tell. It was in this colder weather all night.
  15. 3.0 won’t crank

    It’s cold here in TX. -2 with a wind chill of -12 when I got up. He won’t crank. Never owned a diesel vehicle before. Any help? Open carport. Not a garage.
  16. Who upgraded their hitch receiver on their 3.0 EcoDiesel?

    I have this Class III receiver picked out, does anyone know if it will fit on a Diesel model? I’ve heard some talk saying some receivers don’t work because of the exhaust components that are on the diesel that are not on the gas engine models. I need advice please thanks
  17. My Ecodiesel build

    Finally got a nice clean daytime pic. Happy how it turned out.
  18. Need help/advice with trailer hitch

    Looks like I need a 2” opening for WD hitch, so I’ll have to replace receiver. Any opinions on brands for hitch receiver and WD/anti-sway setup?
  19. Need help/advice with trailer hitch

    I have the mopar tow package from factory. Class II as you all know. I have a camper picked out for purchase. 3033# dry weight. I am going to use WD hitch and anti-sway setup. My question: is the hitch receiver on my JL capable to be set up for a WD hitch? Or should I upgrade to a class III...