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  1. Post Your Cool Random JL pics. Pics. Pics, pics, pics!

    I know it's dorky, but I got off-road pages finally and had to run down to the rock at the bottom of the hill and try it out. This qualifies for random, right?
  2. JL Soft top release date

    @cassieatbestop any word on new tops besides the NX? I've been looking at it and it looks great but I'm not really into the fastback look.
  3. Off Road Pages Update Status...

    Hi Darlene, I just set up my appointment at a Jeep Dealer, but they seemed confused about this update being performed and think this is like a Map update. I am hoping when I drop it off that my service advisor will know what to do, however if there are issues when I bring it in, Who can I...
  4. Mopar Soft Top vs Bestop NX

    Hace you seen this? It's not a full soft top but a bonnet instead. Curious if anyone has bought one yet and tried it? As an option for keeping light rain off the driver or direct sunlight it seems like it might be worth a look.
  5. JL Wrangler Rubicon "1941" by Mopar Debuts in Geneva [Updated With Show Pics]

    While I don't need any close ups I would encourage you to post a bunch of pictures of it anyways. I'm curious about differences between US and Europe spec Jeeps, I've heard the cooling louvers on the fenders are truly ventilated and functional and that the exhaust is set up differently...
  6. JL Wrangler Rubicon "1941" by Mopar Debuts in Geneva [Updated With Show Pics]

    It's cute but that's kind of the problem for me , it's "cute" I wish it had a little bigger tires, a winch (Europe has muddy trails right?) and some LED KC lights. For some reason it also looks too short in length even for a two door. It's probably just an illusion due to the contrasting colors...
  7. What are the best dashcams And how did you mount them in your JL?

    I'm thinking about getting a dash cam and want one that takes voice commands and can download via WiFi or bluetooth or possibly still has flash cards too, I have zero experience with them and while I can just Google them I'd rather hear real recommendations from your experiences, as I have a lot...
  8. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    Where did you get that roof rack?
  9. Post Your Cool Random JL pics. Pics. Pics, pics, pics!

    Looks like something my wife would accidently do in her Ford! Is that yours?
  10. Fellow Jeep Liberty owners could use Bestops help replacing fabric "Sky Roofs"

    While this isn't about a Wrangler it is about our fellow Jeep owners who have Jeep libertys with the fabric sky slider roof. The roof which is like a giant retractable sunroof made out of convertible top fabric, not unlike the one available on JL Wranglers, are unable to get replacement tops as...