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  1. 18 JLUR with Tazer JL

    good to know. Thank you for the info.
  2. 18 JLUR with Tazer JL

    Hi Joe, I am thinking about trade in my 18 JLUR V6 and pickup 21 JLUR Diesel. I have Tazer JL in 18, do I need to do anything besides unmarry the 18 and marry the 21?
  3. Stop/Start Unavailable P00FD

    Replaced AUX14 and took care of issue.
  4. Stop/Start Unavailable P00FD

    Thank you for the info. I plan on replace the aux battery and see what happen after
  5. Stop/Start Unavailable P00FD

    2018 JLUR 3.6 Auto 47k miles recently got stop/start unavailable service stop/start message. check engine light not on but Tazer was able to pull code P00FD. I have checked both main and aux battery voltage and both are 12.4 when Jeep is off. anyone Have any idea on what could this be? Jeep...
  6. Does your TPMS work with 37s and non-stock rims?

    Yes. I got OEM TPMS. the after market sensor didn’t work for me.
  7. New EVO 3032 JL / JLU Hinge Tire Carrier install Review with Pics

    Thank you for the reply. Well, i ended up use the middle hole. Bottom hole will not work
  8. New EVO 3032 JL / JLU Hinge Tire Carrier install Review with Pics

    How much room you got between tire and bumper? I hope at least over 1.5 inches. I think i am going to try the bottom hole which is 1.5 inches below the mid hole.
  9. Those with HighLine LED Fender kit Vs Carwash

    Those of you installed AAL HighLine Fender LED Kit and Quake Lower Fender Chop Kit... How are your fenders hold up so far? Have you run your vehicle through tunnel car wash? Your fenders stayed on?
  10. Rubicon 37s no lift

    What kind of spare tire carrier are you using?
  11. Oil change at dealer. 5 vs 6 quarts. Not a repeat thread. LOOK!

    After start up for a bit, you need to wait a bit to check oil level. I check next morning and always at top of the safe zone. 5 quarts is the correct amount.
  12. Advantage to buying at local dealership?

    I bought my JLUR from local dealer thinking if I ever have any problem, they will step up and help me. Totally not true... first oil change they over filled (6 instead of 5). When I ask them the owners manual said 5 quarts. Service advisor lied to me and told me JL takes 5.4 quarts instead of...
  13. Bushwhacker door sill cover

    Just ordered a set. Looks like I will have to remove mopar sill plate in order to install this.
  14. Mopar JL Hood Lock 82215137

    Well... it’s Feb 2019 now and still no word on the hood lock...
  15. The Sunrider for Hardtop for the All New Jeep® Wrangler JL is here!

    Thanks. It worked great. I appreciate the help
  16. The Sunrider for Hardtop for the All New Jeep® Wrangler JL is here!

    I am having same issue on driver side latch not able to pull down SR top against the header tight enough. Passenger side is tight. For temporary fix, I wedge a piece of folded paper towel in between the latch hook and the part hook to. It pulled down driver side top a bit more and definitely...
  17. Sunrider for JL

    After I installed Sunrider top for JL, I noticed driver side latch barely tighten down the top to header panel. From the outside, you can see passenger side is almost flush to header panel while driver side barely press down the rubber seal. I ended up use folded paper towels as temporary...
  18. An open letter to Jeep/FCA

    If you think you got treated bad before the sale, the after sale service will make what you experiencing here a walk in the park.
  19. Rubicon JLUR Suspensions Take Off 3300 miles Knoxville TN

    Different spring rates. Not sure about shocks My springs should give 4 door sport or Sahara 1-1.5 inch of lift 2 door model... maybe more
  20. Rubicon JLUR Suspensions Take Off 3300 miles Knoxville TN

    Still available, but don’t want to deal with shipping.