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  1. Installing Aftermarket LED Headlights

    Hello, If you want an easier way to make the aftermarket LEDs work, click the link below to see our specially made adapter that will plug into your factory harness. No cutting, no splicing. The halo wire will plug in to your fuse box with our included wiring and simple instructions. 30 minute...

    We have re-designed the harness to work with any JL OEM headlights, any year. With our adapter, your halo's will operate like OEM. Anyone needing LED headlight harnesses, PM us. We have direct plug and play kits available you can use the halo no need for dealer flash or Tazer...

    Hello, We have a plug and play harness that is a 30 minute fix and your halos will operate like OEM. No re-flashing, no cutting of any wires. Everything just plugs into the OEM headlight plugs and one wire you will tap into the fuse box with our included fuse taps. Everything included. No...
  4. '18 JL Sport and Mopar LED upgrade

    Hello. For the tail lights, you will not need any codes or re-flashing, as long as you have the LED wire harness. My local dealership tech tried to re-flash the headlight codes and was not able to fix the flickering and hi/low problems so we created the JL LED adapters shown above. Now you...
  5. Amazon\ Ebay Fog Light LED Bulb Suggestion

    Hello wanted to add a little information to this thread. Just be aware that almost any aftermarket bulb you use, might not 'click' in properly and can shake it's way out, especially the $30 Amazon special. The factory OEM bulbs have no 'back' to them and only held in place with 2 weak clips...
  6. Aftermarket LED headlights and fogs

    There was an error with some of our previous information on the site, our HLH King Kong headlights are on sale for $429 and covered with a 4yr warranty. To illuminate these headlights, we use genuine Phillips LED chips for 60w of LED power! Not some cheap LEDs that will flicker and fail in a...
  7. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    Our built JL with 2.5" lift and 35's
  8. Photograph of the Month Contest - May 2019

    Our shop is in NY so we don't have those amazing backdrops. This is our latest build on 35's
  9. Jleeper's Badass JL builds

    We have completed our latest JL build. Added Rigid pods, added blue LUX LED magnetic lights(we are authorized dealers) This is one awesome JL that is built correctly and looks sick! Come visit us at Jeep Invasion in Wildwood NJ
  10. '18 JL Sport and Mopar LED upgrade

    After doing a lot of the OEM JL LED headlight conversions for the dealerships, we have modified our original design. This is now, the easiest way to make your non-LED JL into the LED package you have always wanted. This new adapter is totally plug and play and will include everything you need...
  11. '18 JL Sport and Mopar LED upgrade

    To convert ot the OEM LED fender lights, you will need the wiring harness from the LED version JL in order to plug in the Mopar fender lights. This harness connects in the back of the front fenders inside the Jeep. The connector in the halogen fender lights are totally different from the LED...
  12. Jleeper's Badass JL builds

    everyday we have more and more JL's coming to the shop for upgrades. This is our latest build and I wanted to post what we have done. This JL has a Fab Fours Front Grumper with the Rigid adapt LED bar and 3" Rigid LED pods up top - 35" tires. Stay tuned to see how it progresses
  13. Need Help Picking Aftermarket Headlights

    we have been selling the original King Kong headlights for over a year now. Probably one of the best 7" replacements I have used. Has an excellent cutoff line, looks amazing, and is a true DOT(Department of Transportation) approved headlight. Not many other companies can actually provide the...
  14. Are OEM Leds plug and play?

    you can see more details at the link below. We offer a 20% discount for people in this forum and shipping is always free.
  15. Aftermarket LED headlights and fogs

    Yes, those headlights are plug and play. You can attach the separate halo wire, or just plug in the headlight connector and the halo will operate as soon as you turn on the low beams. We offer these amazing HL Headlights on our website, and some other online shops have started selling them for...
  16. Swaps - LS3 vs Hemi

    we have done 3 LS motors from Bruiser Conversions on the JK's and they run great. Haven't done the JL conversion yet but hopefully soon!
  17. Finally stopped LED Fog flickering

    It's a combination of a few different issues that cause flickering in the fog lights. In some cases, as soon as you add load to the system(roll down a window or step on the brake),one of the fogs can flash like a strobe light a few times. it's more than an anti-flicker that causes this. We...
  18. Are OEM Leds plug and play?

    our plug and play adapter will work for your JL LED fog lights and stop all the flickering. It's a 5min install we have sold them to people on this forum and they do work.
  19. OEM LED headlights

    The factory computer doesn't like when we switch to OEM Mopar LED. Many times there are other issues when swapping the halogen headlights to LED. As mentioned in these posts, usually the high and low beams do not work correctly ( the low beam shuts off when you turn of high beams) and after a...
  20. OEM LED headlights

    Hello the site is Currently the site is 'under construction' but is functional. These adapters are not yet posted, but if you are interested, just message us, I can get you more details. Thank you, Jeff