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  1. Canada - Ontario TuxMats for 2 Door JL Wrangler

    Hello All, I recently sold my JL & have a set of lightly used TuxMats, Very Clean Like New! These will protect your carpets very well! Asking $180
  2. Aug 10, 2020 TSB 08-074-20

    I haven’t tried them since before the TSB was done, but they were also refusing to push further, pushing me back to the dealerships. This is the Biggest reason I have started the CAMVAP case, as I feel I’m being Ping Ponged between dealerships & FCA Customer support!!!
  3. Aug 10, 2020 TSB 08-074-20

    Yes they have replaced the steering box with the new box, my suspicions here is there are still software issues that needs to be addressed
  4. Aug 10, 2020 TSB 08-074-20

    Hello All, I have recently had TSB 08-07-420 installed on my 2019 JL Sport, & found little change to the "Steering Feel" I still have about 2" of play at the center of steering wheel, & Jeep still requires constant correction to stay within the lane, driving this on the highway is scary...
  5. 2020 JLUR steering issue

    Yes I agree with you 100%, I had an 85 Jeep CJ7, & loved driving this Jeep everywhere, these new JL's have a Serious Issue with these Steering box's, & this creates a Safety Issue, especially on the Hwy. As far as dealers saying this is a "Jeep Thing" is BS, so far they have released 4 TSB's for...
  6. ORACLE Oculus Bi-LED Headlight Upgrade for the Jeep JL / JT

    I am very interested in purchasing these lights for my 2019 JL Sport S, but I live in Canada, & with the duties & exchange rates it makes this light un appealing. Also see alot of people complaining about flickering, has this issue been resolved or still an issue?