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  1. Hitch mounted kayak rack

    Has anyone tried this rack? Reviews?
  2. 2019's with ACC EWWWWW

    Not on mine - I didn’t get ACC
  3. Wow...JLU mpg!!!

    Found it! On the steering wheel, left side arrows.
  4. Wow...JLU mpg!!!

    I can’t figure out where to fin trip info on my JL. Seems it should be more obvious? How do I get to the screen that looks like this? Or something that shows miles until empty??
  5. To soft top or not, that is the question

    Has anyone tried this one? I am on the fence because although i plan to add a lift for the hardtop, I worry about pop up storms when it’s off. I have yet to find a good ‘emergency’ solution. This one looks like a decent top.
  6. step ups that allow you to keep rock rails on?

    Are there any steps out there that allow you to keep the Rubicon rock rails on?
  7. Top hoist, running boards for Rubicon, and emergency top suggestions

    I need recommendations for the best top hoists for ease of use and safe storage as well as the best running boards/steps for a Rubicon and a quick top for rain emergencies since I didn’t opt to get a soft top. Her name is Rubi Blu and she is 1 week old with 500 miles now.
  8. What's the first thing I should do with my new love?!

    This pretty lady - ‘Rubi Blu’ - is almost a week old and has 400 miles on her. I am looking to put in a hoist and trying to find the best set up for ease of on/off and storage. Also would like side steps as it’s a little high for me.
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    This hoist looks legit. I am in the market and looking at making my own vs pre fab hoists. Do you have the link to this one?
  10. New JL owners: How long from date of order to delivery

    Mine took just under 3 weeks!! Fastest he has ever seen he said. Loving it!