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  1. Is Anyone Using a Rollbar Sunscreen/cargo net For Storage?

    I have the JTops titanium mesh sunscreen that I have put stuff on more than one occasion. It's really secure and although not designed to hold stuff it certainly can. Sorry I don't have pics of anything stuffed up there.
  2. California NEW - FREE - Rugged Ridge Rear Liner

    If you end up not shipping and you're in the Sacramento area let me know!
  3. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    Nice!! Where did ya end up going? I took the kids out to play in the snow a bit going up Bowman Lake Rd via Hwy 20 but it's already closed off for snowmobiles a little ways in. So we just hung out and shot their new BB guns a little ways off the road.
  4. rough country MLC-6 Multiple Light Controller

    Any brand seems to work fine. I have some harbor freight ones hooked up, I went cheap since I don't really use them much. They do however power my e-lockers. The only problem I've ever had was my aux battery was dying and the low voltage protection wouldn't let it turn anything on! Dealer...
  5. rough country MLC-6 Multiple Light Controller

    If I get what you're asking, you just run your wires the the fuse box and put some terminal ends on them and attach to the # switch you want to operate the particular accessory.
  6. Anyone regret installing Rubicon suspension on Sport?

    Just do it once... go ahead and get a lift. That way you only have to swap stuff out one time instead of twice. I may know from experience. :CWL:
  7. Quick disconnect for sway bars

    I have the Metalcloak quick disconnects. I went with them because there was no cutting required for install.
  8. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    Yup for some reason I thought chains were only required if the trailer had brakes, but you have to chain up the tow vehicle either way and the trailer if it has brakes. I had a short conversation with the chain control guy to clear things up for me. Luckily I had chains to throw on the Jeep. I'm...
  9. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    Just stayed on the well traveled fire roads by Boca and found a good place to get off the road. I doubt I will be able to make it back as far as we did for a while since the snow is really falling now though. Also I learned that you have to have chains even with 4WD if you're towing a trailer...
  10. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    Yup it's Dennis. He's always a blast to hang out with. The tent is the new Smittybilt XL.
  11. Sane or insane with my JL on snow tracks

    So is anyone going to ask where can I get these!?!?!
  12. Trailer overlanding

    Not the best view of the trailer, but I'm pretty happy with it. I definitely need to do something about the wooden box but I couldn't decide exactly what I wanted to do so I used some scrap wood to make the enclosure. Figured I would use it for a while and decide what would work best for...
  13. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    Went and tried the new tent out finally! Had a blast out running around the forest trails. It did get a little chilly at night though. Just wish it would have snowed on Saturday instead of Sunday.
  14. Dana 44 Limited Slip

    I used to have the LSD 44 in the rear. Mine started making a clunking while coasting. I couldn't figure it out for the longest until I stuck a gopro under the jeep and pointed it in different directions till I isolated the sound. Took it to the dealer and showed them. Tech drove it and inspected...
  15. E-Locker for M220 axle

    Didn't Zautomotive come out with a sensor? Maybe it was a harness? Idk it's Saturday and I've had to many shots to make an actual impact on this thread. All I know is I wired mine on a sport to a set of aux switches and I can turn them on whenever I want!!
  16. Anyone know how to depin this connector?

    Lol. After sliding the white locking tab over, I used a seam ripper (only pointy sturdy thing I could at the house that was small enough) to slide into the small hole to push down the retaing pin and then they just slid out the back with a little tug. Hope that helps. Im pretty sure they make an...
  17. Anyone know how to depin this connector?

    Never mind figured it out!
  18. Anyone know how to depin this connector?

    I've already slid the white locking tab over but the wires still don't want to move. Any suggestions?
  19. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    Lol not far. I was mainly running around to see if my lockers would keep working, since the dealer replaced my aux battery(stupid built in low voltage protection). I didn't even make it to the turn off to the lakes from Fordyce. I figured I didn't want to get up there if they didn't work...
  20. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    Did some exploring up by Eagle Lakes. Didn't make it all the way up though. It became a little more than I wanted to tackle alone. Still had tons of fun though.