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  1. Dealer wants me to sign a new lease contract

    Horror stories like this really make me wish we could cut out the cancerous dealerships out of the picture and buy directly from manufacturers :mad:
  2. B223B code with remote start to active

    I was able to turn it on in the BCM. I don’t think JScan has the ability to add codes.
  3. Did anyone install Katzkin leather on their own?!

    Mine are holding up pretty well. The fabric and foam used to anchor the hogrings tears very easily, and will probably fail before the zipties do. The velcro on the cushions and overlapping frame clips is what really secures the covers to the frame. I believe in an industrial setting hogrings are...
  4. FCA Plans $23M Customization Facility Near Toledo Jeep Plant

    Jeep getting ahead of the game and voiding warranties before delivery :LOL:
  5. Florida 7” Uconnect head unit and bezel $350.00 with code.

    Code is a couple of bucks off of ebay. All you need is the serial number.
  6. Who’s running Milestar Patagonia’s? Pros/cons?

    I didn’t have them long. Around 7k miles. They still looked brand new when I took them off. Just so you don’t make the same mistake as me, get two sizes bigger than you think you want, you’ll thank me later haha
  7. Who’s running Milestar Patagonia’s? Pros/cons?

    I ran 33” Patagonias A/T before I switched to 37” KO2s. They were smooth, quiet and LIGHT (47 lbs)
  8. Does Anyone Have Any Questions About Manufacturer Backed Extended Warranties?

    It is my understanding the corporation pays the dealership at a pre-negotiated rate. The dealership does not charge their full normal rate. Also, repairs that the warranty rep deems unnecessary or not qualifying, are responsibility of the dealership. In turn, this gives dealerships the power to...
  9. Does Anyone Have Any Questions About Manufacturer Backed Extended Warranties?

    You would be correct, maybe 10-5 years ago, with simpler electronics (independent components, now they all tie together). I took my JL to the dealer to have them look at an issue with carplay, which you would think they would actually look into since it’s fairly simple, but they took one look...
  10. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    2.5” lift with 37s, and stock JLU sport.
  11. Does Anyone Have Any Questions About Manufacturer Backed Extended Warranties?

    Mods of any kind = invalid warranty. If you buy one of these warranties thinking you can talk the dealer into performing any kind of warranty work on your JL with aftermarket lugnuts, good luck to you. Finding a dealer that will perform warranty work on a vehicle that has been modified is...
  12. The Irony of ESS

    This thread in one meme:
  13. Any regrets going automatic?

    Coming from a M3 6speed, I can’t see myself double shifting and heel-toeing in this slow gentle mammoth.
  14. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 V8 - Specs, Wallpapers, Videos!

    I traded my M3 for the JL so I wouldn’t drive like an ahole anymore... now they had to get fancy and do this? Thanks Jeep :swear::headbang: :droolsinhemi