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  1. Who has the most miles on their diesel Wrangler?

    Almost 6200 miles, purchased 01/23/20... Covid was nice to my mileage....
  2. DEF Usage

    Sorry for the delayed response... Here is my current mpg average. I've never reset this guage, and I've never calculated myself.
  3. DEF Usage

    Roughly 6100 miles and still working on my first tank of def. Stock with roughly 50/50 city/highway. No towing.
  4. Grab handle Skytouch?

    I bought a set of these: Pretty cheap and does the job just fine for all four doors. I had zero problems with the gap between the roll bar and top.
  5. one touch sky top

    Traveled to and from Myrtle Beach, SC and Northern Virginia, and I was able to listen to an audio book with no issues on wind noise.
  6. Smittybilt XRC Gen3 12K & OEM steel bumper

    I guess that means I need to stay away from Warn's VR series (made in China).... which means I probably need to double my price point for a winch.... have to ponder this decision for a bit...
  7. Smittybilt XRC Gen3 12K & OEM steel bumper

    Has anyone done this combo yet? And if so, which winch plate did you use? I have looked at a few winch plates, and they say they are compatible with most major brands, but I found a warning on one of them and thought I would ask the forum before proceeding with any purchases. Here is the...
  8. Larger wheel speedometer paranoia

    I am not sure if your regional app store has it, but I know Waze calculates your current speed accurately (of course, I'd assume it really depends on how accurate your cell's gps actually is). I've never been over 2MPH from what my factory speedometer reads vs Waze's display.
  9. Looking into a JLU EcoDiesel order - so anyone on here actually have a good experience with the engine?

    I can add my vote to the "no issues here, and love it" category. I got mine in Dec '19, and have ~4100 miles on it. Zero problems. I added DEF the day I picked it up, and I still have >50% of it left. 50/50 driving, averaging 24 MPG
  10. Sky One-Touch Power Top issue!!

    Yup, mine does that as well (since day 1). It is almost like all the current is cut/diverted from the radio to the top's motor when you click the open/close of the top.
  11. First Diesel Oil Change

    They can say they will void your warranty, but according to the FTC, it is illegal. Do I have to use the dealer for repairs and maintenance to keep my warranty in effect? No. An independent mechanic, a retail chain...
  12. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    Got both my JL and CJ out a few weeks ago...
  13. 450 miles 2nd trip to dealer :(

    Oh, I hope not! I have almost 2k miles and so far *knock on wood* mine has been solid.
  14. Start of 3.0 Production

    Lol, agreed. When I walked in the financing dept of Koon's Jeep in Tyson's Corner, VA., the guy did a double take and asked me if this was a dealer modified Wrangler. When I said no, it is a diesel, he said "This is the most expensive non-modified Wrangler I've ever processed." I am not sure...
  15. New engine teething issues?

    She loves her Macan.
  16. Jeep Wave Oil Changes

    I am assuming you meant 12 quarts and not gallons ;) And as to the $1000, I believe they are referring to 4x service changes for that price, which includes the oil filter. So. $250 per service. ~$50 more for a brand new oil filter? /shrug
  17. Jeep Wave Oil Changes

    Good question, I'm curious as well. My 2016 Camaro SS took 8 quarts for each oil change. EDIT: They say " The 3.0L Eco-diesel requires synthetic oil and quite a bit of it. In Ram applications, it takes 10.5 quarts...
  18. New engine teething issues?

    I compare what I spend on a weekly basis vs what my wife spends. I spend less ;) Of course, she has a Porsche, which requires premium, and she has a lead foot...
  19. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    Got my old 79 cj-5 out of our garage to drive around this past weekend. Took a pic of both my babies...
  20. Why so many doors

    Got one of each ;)