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  1. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    How are you liking this sub? I've been looking to purchase one to help fill in the sound.
  2. Rear Bumper Integrated LED Reverse Lights

    @ORACLElights , would it be possible to make another version like the one for the Gladiator?
  3. Missouri Rugged Ridge Arcus Front Bumper

    Steel bumper on my Ruby. Would love to have this bumper, only 2 hours from St Louis, but not willing to try to make it work. Great price btw!
  4. Missouri Rugged Ridge Arcus Front Bumper

    Will Rubicon led fog lights fit? Was looking to buy one but I thought there was an issue with the fitment.
  5. My Sequential LED Taillights

    Did you have the led package from the factory?
  6. DIY Cargo Cover

    Very nice!
  7. Rigid 360 series backlighting with main light

    Do you happen to know the color of the wire you tapped into?
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Thank you for the reply. Been debating doing soundbar, already did the knee speakers and dash. Is it worth doing the soundbar also, or is the pay off not enough?
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Did you run me wires or use factory?
  10. New Wheels

    Stock or lifted?
  11. Siren - JLU Diesel Bikini Pearl Build

    Did you purchase a complete replacement for mirror or just the pieces for the turn signal? I assumed that other than the turn signal, the complete mirror would be plug and play (for heat, power, bsm) into factory harness?
  12. Siren - JLU Diesel Bikini Pearl Build

    How was the install for the Euro mirrors?
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    How involved was the removal of the soundbar?
  14. Illinois KC light mounts

    New in box, KC pillar mount for JL. Looking for $60 plus shipping.
  15. Oracle rock light magnets

    I had the same problem and had to get longer screws. A bit disappointed after what I paid.
  16. Are these rubicon flares?

    Minor scratches? You could try a good waxing and buff or maybe this? Otherwise talk to a professional detailer?
  17. Are these rubicon flares?

    Judging by the cut out for hood latch, yes.
  18. Grounding point

    Thank you again, the first one works great for what I need.
  19. Grounding point

    Thank you for the reply! I'm assuming you are referring to the painted bolt?