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  1. Hiding the FOB while hiking

    i installed a hitch safe and the fob fits but barely. i wrapped it in tin foil to play it safe and locked it up. i then tried to start the jeep with no fob and it said fob not detected. thanks to every one who recommended the hitch safe. i wish i knew about it a year ago.
  2. Hiding the FOB while hiking

    i wish it was smaller also. i hate the fob and would rather have a key to turn in the ignition
  3. Hiding the FOB while hiking

    normally hike alone. but i have received some good ideas here .
  4. Hiding the FOB while hiking

    i should have been more specific and i apologize. while i carry a key with me, i was looking at hiding a spare fob so that if anything happened to the fob i was carrying (lost, water logged) i would still be ok when i arrived at the jeep when i was finished.
  5. Hiding the FOB while hiking

    thats is such a great idea. thanks. i guess the heavy guauge steel would shield most of the signal. thanks alot for posting that
  6. Base Model Drivers...Do you hate roll-up windows/manual locks?

    i love the manual locks and roll up windows. i just wish i could have had power locks without power windows. those things are expensive when they need repair
  7. Hiding the FOB while hiking

    I have to use a key to unlock my door, but i seem to remember something that would stop me from leaving the FOB in the jeep overnight. I was thinking about taking the battery out of the FOB and just taking the key with me. Would that still cause issues with the FOB talking to the computer in the...
  8. Any windshield love yet?

    i had a rock crack my window on memorial day. saftelite is charging me 728 for install at the shop in montgomery alabama. they did not have anything other than OEM according to them.
  9. Buy off lot or order?

    i special ordered my 2dr jl. i didnt want the dealer adding extra stuff i didnt want.
  10. Gas mileage so far

    no complaints from me. i have been driving it for almost a year. i just wish the gas tank was bigger. i still feel like i am going to run out on long trips.
  11. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    Added these the other day. Its a Mandalorian Skull from
  12. How Many Steps to Starting Your Jeep and Driving Off?

    1. Start Jeep 2. Turn off ESS 3. Pair IPOD and start listening to it 4. Put in Gear and Go
  13. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Mandalorian Skull from
  14. Buyers remorse?

    i have had mine since just before memorial day weekend last year, so coming up on a year. its my first wrangler and i love it. My wife and i have plenty of space, seats are relatively comfortable, and overall i think its a great vehicle. I just wish it did not have ESS and i like the idea of...
  15. Cargo mat for 2-door with rear seats removed i am thinking about this one
  16. Luckily- Jeep is Tougher Than I am Smart

    i sort of understand the guy you hit. when someone hit my wife's car the book value was less than the repair cost so we got salvage value. it was a hardship for a little while because we needed to take on payments again. i suspect the damage you did will do the same to his vehicle. but...
  17. FCA Projects 2019 JL Sales Down from 2018

    i know its seems late ... but i think we are seeing the result of the cash for clunker program. they totally destroyed the used car market and companies have to discount current vehicles to keep the product moving. combine with what i read about subprime auto loans and this should be a good...
  18. Giveaway: Hothead Headliners Hard Top Headliner For Jeep JL!

    they would be a great addition to my JL. i have seen them in my buddies jeep and i love them