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  1. Thrumming Noise at Highway Speeds (63-67ish)

    Hmm, i'll have to give this a try. I'll air em down to 33 and report back (stock KO2s)
  2. Parking Sensors picking up stock 33" Rubi tire

    Hey folks. I did a search for this in here, but haven't found anyone with similar problems with a stock tire. So here goes. My 2020 Rubi backup sensors are apparently picking up the stock 33" tire on the back and constantly going off. The dealership tested with the spare off and that is what...
  3. Thrumming Noise at Highway Speeds (63-67ish)

    Really interesting theory. Maybe this is why it affects rubicon’s more than sport. The sports have the extra piece up front redirecting airflow around the inner fender and wheel well area. The sports also has e a lower fender than rubicon. So if you can add this piece or temporarily tack one...
  4. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!
  5. Thrumming Noise at Highway Speeds (63-67ish)

    Brand new JLUR... I’ve got this one too :no:
  6. Key fob splitting open

    Brand new rubicon here. Both fobs looks this way. Lololol!
  7. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    New here. So far love the new 2020 JLUR. just got it a few days ago. I have the thrum noise at highway speeds so I was trying to check into that thread, but can’t yet. What’s the criteria for being able to do so? Anyway, don’t plan to mod it very much, but already have the $20 shorty antenna...