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  1. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    the wife and I took a road trip from our cabin which is 1.25hrs from Edmonton and continued 40 mins south to Innisfail today to go visit our Dealer.We had never been before. Just ordered the Jeep via phone and email. Had a great chat with Pul, the Sales Manager. She confirmed no new orders with...
  2. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    I guess we can all celebrated sometime in One reason we went with the Jeep was the unknown delivery on our Bronco...sigh. Maybe that was a bad choice...hahaha.
  3. Canada - Alberta FS: Alpicool Fridges with upgraded LG Compressors (Edmonton, AB, Canada)

    First order of Alpicool 12V DC fridges/coolers have arrived! Many were pre-sold, but some still available. As of today, the following are still available with prices in CDN dollars and FOB/pick-up in Edmonton, AB, Canada 45L (single zone with LG compressor) - $725.00 CDN + GST (2 available)...
  4. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    So coming up on 2 months since our JLUR order (Jan 4, 2021). Since Feb 1, it hasn't changed from 'D' status. Talked with Adam, GM of Innisfail Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep today. He said unfortunately he has no answer as to ETA which i can understand. He said he has a TRX that has been done for 3...
  5. Alberta JL owners out here? show off your rig!

    I purchased Timbren 3500HD.
  6. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    is there a link to where you read that?
  7. Using a flashlight mount for my element E50 Fire Extinguisher

    Great idea. Accessible and simple.
  8. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    Do you know if anything you ordered had issues? We were initially told we might be delayed due to the Sky-One Touch power top, but then days later said it was all good. So it took 4 weeks to the day to get a VIN for us. We still anticipate another 7-9 weeks to get it in our hands.
  9. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    UPDATE: As of today, I got a VIN from FCA:)
  10. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    Same. I ordered from Innisfail Chrysler. They have been great and checking every couple of days. I'm told to expect our Jeep end of March/early April. Good thing is we have time to sell our existing VW between now and then, but at least have a guaranteed trade-in value if it doesn't' sell. -...
  11. Fire Extinguisher...Element or ColdFire?

    In addition to the 50/100 second times, Element does not freeze. The ColdFire is only good to -20oC in premix. If you have the facility to bulk fill, then the make a -60oC version but that is not reasonable for individual use. For me, I plan to get an Element 50 for each car as we are in...
  12. 3.6 WITH Etorque vs. 2.0 Turbo (no Etorque)

    We drove the following between Jan 3-4, 2021: - 2018 JL 3.6 (no etorque) - 2021 JL 2.0 (no etorque) - 2021 JL 3.6 WITH etorque The 3.6 no etorque felt slow, sluggish and just old. Like a car from 15 years ago. Then we drove the 2.0T (no etorque) and coming from a heavily modified 2011 Audi...
  13. Would 5'6" wife have issues climbing in / out of Rubicon?

    Check these out, with your exchange rate, these might be great. Amazing quality. I have many friends who run their prodcuts on Yota's. I have a set ordered for my JLUR.
  14. Alberta JL owners out here? show off your rig!

    From Edmonton, AB, Canada. First time Wrangler owner, 2nd time Jeep owner (had a '11 Grand Cherokee V8 Overland). Until last week, had a new '21 Bronco Badlands on reservation, but for many reasons, decided to cancel. Just placed a factory order for a '21 JLUR from Innisfail, AB last Monday...
  15. Trailer overlanding

    Thank you. I may start a thread here on JLWF, but for the meantime, here is a full thread on the build on Expedition Portal:
  16. Trailer overlanding

    This is my setup being made. It's a semi-custom teardrop. 1) Custom chassis 2) Standard living habitat made in BC, Canada 3) Custom galley For full details visit here...
  17. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    We were told that the roof is a bit delayed. No stock at the factory. #CovidProblems
  18. JL Front Cupholder Removal

    Hi everyone, Just ordered my JLUR and hope to get in April. I have not seen the interior of the JL at night. Does anyone have a picture of what the illuminated cup holder looks like from the factory? I have tried to google it, but I keep only seeing after market LED inserts, etc. Thank you in...
  19. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    How are you liking the Sky One-Touch. We just ordered a White JLUR with that option. We don't get ours from the factory until April'ish.
  20. Opinions needed: Best frame mounted Rock Sliders that serve well for body protection and as a step?

    New here. Just ordered a 2021 JLUR. Living in Canada, we have few options, BUT thankfully Greenlane Offroad in BC makes amazing aluminum stuff. I'm getting these. I might even take the chance of white powder coat;) Greenlane Offroad - JEEP JL UNLIMITED 4 DOOR SIDE STEPS / ROCKER GAURDS