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  1. Another Softtop vs Hardtop Assessment

    I previously had a 2 door JK with Dual Tops, never noticed a difference in gas mileage between the two. I now have a JLU with only the softtop and get much better mileage than I ever got with my JK. I don't have the space to store the JLU hardtop and it was much more important to me as a...
  2. Looking for dirt in New England

    The town we stayed in is The Forks Plantation, Maine. Northwestern Maine.
  3. Stock Off Roading JLUS

    Going to a local Jeep Invasion tomorrow....probably get a few more tats :jk:
  4. Stock Off Roading JLUS

    Good point. Good choice.
  5. Stock Off Roading JLUS

    I just ordered some too :)
  6. Looking for dirt in New England

    Went to The Forks, Maine this past week. TONS of logging roads and gravel and/or dirt roads everywhere! Took my stock JL out and was able to handle a lot of it. Would need a lift or bigger tires for some. Beautiful area, great views, wildlife spotting......can't go wrong.
  7. Stock Off Roading JLUS

    Well, as long as chicks dig it......... :)
  8. Stock Off Roading JLUS

    Hello, everyone! My JLUS is my second Wrangler, upgraded in the spring from a 2016 Sport 2-Door Freedom Edition. Never did any off-roading, other than a dirt road here or there. No mud, no rocks. Spent a week up in northern Maine last week and took her out on logging roads and...
  9. Premium Soft Top, Winter, Ice? A Problem?

    I did this back in the spring. I had a 2016 2 door with dual tops but was trying to save a little $ when I ordered my 2019 JLUS so I opted for the premium soft top only, I had done similar research and most people I spoke to didn't think it would be a problem. I had a moment of panic right...
  10. Soft Top only in Northern Climate?

    I ordered my JLUS back in the spring with the premium soft top only. My plan was to add a hardtop later. The problem is that when you order with the soft top only, it does not come with the assembly and dash buttons for the window washer or wiper, which is a PITA to add yourself and pretty...
  11. Soft Top window blowing out

    BUT, what would be the sense in even having a sunrider position if you can't leave the windows in? I mean, why even make it an option, if you have to take the windows out, you might as well just put it all the way down. Seems like you SHOULD be able to leave them in for the sunrider position...
  12. Soft Top window blowing out

    I have a '19. Mine has velcro. Did the 18's not have velcro?
  13. New Jeep Veers right
  14. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Love this! Congratulations! Enjoy!!!
  15. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Mine had 4 miles when I picked it up!
  16. OMG: After 10 days and 1,500 miles and these two things happen

    Not sure how I got called out on "not having a joyful bone in my body". I was agreeing with the OP and think that the posters taking it too seriously should lighten the heck up. :facepalm: