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  1. JLU vs Equinox shows steel bumper strength

    Glad you are ok! With regard to the value after reportable collision, you Jeep is absolutely worth less. Personally, I would not consider any vehicle with damage history unless substantially discounted. Even then, I would opt to pay more for an undamaged one.
  2. Mopar Flat Tow Harness arrived

    My kit came with fuses.
  3. Has anyone tried Exposed Racks?

    ER suggested that I remove the foam on the rear Y insert, lift the bow into the Y then lift and push from the stern. We have a Hobie tandem as well and will be trying that later today.
  4. Has anyone tried Exposed Racks?

    Finally got these installed! These are certainly heavy duty and I am impressed with the quality of all the components. I did chose to add the feet since my Hobie fishing kayak weighs nearly 100 lbs. I will say these were a bear to install but that was my fault. I finally went back and...
  5. POLL: What is your favorite color on the Jeep Wrangler (2021 Model Year)

    The 21 colors just arn’t doing it for me. Still like my 20 Bikini.
  6. 3.6L vs 2.0 turbo?? Pros and cons of both??

    I went with 3.6 for simplify and reliability. We'll see if that decision works out.
  7. Mojito vs bikini vs punk'n?? Which color to get?

    Mojito would have been my preference but it was not available. Very happy with Bikini.
  8. BROOX's 2DR Billet Silver Rubicon

    Is there any difference between the SG59 & SG60 besides the bar length. I see the SG59 is 16mm longer on the front bar and 8mm longer on the rear bar. In the specs, the SG60 specifies a weight limitation of 88lbs. The SG59 doesn't mention anything. Also, how do you feel about having the...
  9. Will the Mojito color be rare?

    I like the Mojito as well as probably would have ordered it that way had been available. As it turned out, I am really liking the Bikini we ordered. I guess you can't get that anymore either.
  10. Things you have learned the Hard way about owning a Jeep.

    I hear you brother. Sent a pic to some Jeep friends up north. First thing they said was to take that top off. Where I live in Florida, not a chance, in fact I factory ordered with a hardtop because they are hard to find here. I got sucked in when I moved to FL 15 yrs ago. I thought it would be...
  11. Electrical & Brake Away Switch mounting

    I like how it’s setup in the etrailer install video. For myself, I’m deciding between the RM Direct Connect and the Demco Tabless. Both of those are well hidden.
  12. Starting Flat tow setup,. could use some advice

    Watching....I'm about to start this project myself.
  13. My Criswell Experience

    If it is so damn delicate, I will dump it and get something else. No big deal. What’s your next piece of sage advice, buy the extended warranty I suppose?
  14. My Criswell Experience

    If my local dealers were even close to the price, I would have purchased from them. They are good dealers and will still get my service business which is worth more to them anyway. Possible engine/transmission damage? That's a hoot. Modern cars/motorcycles do not need to be babied. Drive em...
  15. My Criswell Experience

    Different dealer models I suspect. We bought a Toyota in Minnesota a couple of months ago. Dealer fees are capped @$100 there with no extra fees for anything. They didn't even collect sales tax and registration from me. They simply sent the package to my county and I showed up and paid that...
  16. My Criswell Experience

    The $799 dealer fee turned me off from them.
  17. My Criswell Experience

    I can only speak to my experience. The 2% discount I was offered was for the dealer arranging financing so if I had brought my own, I would not have received that discount.
  18. My Criswell Experience

    In March we decided to factory order a new Wrangler. The best offers at the time via the forum were 8% off invoice. We choose to work with Criswell as the DC area is easy to get to and the original plan on delivery was to enjoy a long weekend in DC and then take the auto train back to FL...
  19. Recommended Dealers List

    Forum, financing and TL discounts for a total of 8% off invoice. Picked ours up yesterday.
  20. Costco Auto Program?

    Yep. Same guy I worked with. 5% off invoice forum discount, additional 2% if you finance with them and another 1% for TL. Mine was 8% off invoice total plus a $300 doc fee and normal tax and lic.