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  1. JL Aluminum Half Doors - Now Available!

    The height of the half doors is quite a bit lower (about 4”) then having the full doors with the window down. It also easiest to store the half windows in the back and leave the half doors on, compared to removing the full doors. When half doors do come out, it should be possible to remove...
  2. JL Aluminum Half Doors - Now Available!

    The Hemi powered wrangler is sporting half doors. They must be coming into production soon. Finally.
  3. Mopar 5” and 7” LED Offroad lights

    I think the measurements include the bracket in their dimensions, not just the light size.
  4. Impressions from a 5.13 gears install on a JL Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon (JLUR)

    Not all Rubicons have the Steel Bumpers (optional package).
  5. JLUR on 37s regear 4.56 or 4.88

    Picked up my Jeep tonight after getting the 4.88’s installed. Drove home on mostly highway driving. It’s like my Jeep came back to life. Jeep cruises in 8th gear again at 75 mph and downshifts to 7th as needed like it’s designed to do. Love it. Drives much better around town too. First...
  6. JLUR on 37s regear 4.56 or 4.88

    This discussion of preferred gear ratios is very confusing because the various opinions don’t always clarify whether they have a 6 speed manual or an 8 speed automatic. The transmissions have a different number of gears and their final gear ratios are different with the manual 6th gear at...
  7. Help with Rubicon vs Sahara decision

    I moved a little too fast apparently.
  8. Help with Rubicon vs Sahara decision

    Are you going to put bigger tires on it? If so, something to think about: Rubicon fenders sit up 1” higher then the Sahara which means they can fit 2” taller tire with the same clearance inside the fender. Rubicons have 4.10 gearing so if can handle 35” tires without re-gearing. 35” tires...
  9. Impressions from a 5.13 gears install on a JL Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon (JLUR)

    I have had the same experience with my 2018 JLU Rubicon with 2” Mopar lift, 37” tires, and stock 4.10 gears. 8th gear is only used around town and is rarely seen on the highway. Can only get into 8th on flat ground or downhill with no wind. On windy days it stays in 6th gear for a while...
  10. Backup Lights

    What lights did you install?
  11. Regret 37s?

    No regrets. LOL.
  12. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    I am sure that the engineers at Jeep know exactly where the weakness of the tailgate is and apparently it isn’t the hinges. Keep in mind that the rear tailgate has a max capacity of 85 lbs and the factory tire is around 55 - 65lbs so when you upgrade to a 37” tire like I have (which is around...
  13. Backup Lights

    I am going to order these Quadratec lights, splice into the wiring harness for the trailer hitch and mount them just like this guy did.
  14. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    I have the Mopar tailgate hinge kit and it works great. I think it puts upward pressure on the tailgate to compensate for the heavier tire because when I remove the tire and close the tailgate it doesn’t shut right. When I put the tire back on it shuts perfect. I had the hinge kit painted to...
  15. JLU Premium Black Soft Top Back Window Sag

    I did receive the replacement windows and had them on the Jeep for two weeks before switching to the hard top. They are an improvement but I am already starting so see some sagging in the side windows, just much less. Didn’t notice any sag in the back window yet and it doesn’t unhook from the...
  16. Tazer (Programmer) for the JL

    It would be nice if the Tazer had a tailgating mode that allowed you to use the radio until the battery got low then the stop start functionality kicked in and the jeep turns on to recharge the battery.
  17. Side window sag

    FYI - Bestop makes the factory tops. Here is one of the labels that was on the replacement windows that I received today. Notice that there’s a Bestop and Mopar part number on the same label.
  18. Side window sag

    I took my Jeep to the dealership to address the sagging windows but they were worthless. They told me they couldn’t adjust anything so there’s nothing they can do. Then I reached out to Jeep Cares and after a week or so of back and forth emails and phone calls, they told me that they ordered...
  19. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    I upgraded to Steer Smarts track bar, tie rod assembly, and drag link along with a Fox steering stabilizer. It took the slop out of the steering.
  20. JLU Premium Black Soft Top Back Window Sag

    Since the dealership was worthless in dealing with the sagging Jeep soft top windows, I contacted Jeep Wave to get it resolved. It took me two weeks of emailing pictures and a couple phone calls but they are replacing all 3 windows. They said that the window part numbers changed from when the...