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  1. Top 10 things Jeep should have done

    Especially in real sunny areas. I went to the dollar store and bought the cheap 3 ring binder, in the closest color, and took the three ring binder out. Then cut it to fit and used rubber bands to hold it on.
  2. JLU vs Equinox shows steel bumper strength

    I T-boned a Volvo that turned left in front of me in an intersection. $27,000 w/bent frame. I got a frame swap 😣, the insurance company would not total it. First they said just the front clip was bent. As they kept taking things off, they determined the whole gram was bent. It took them 3 weeks...
  3. Topless Drivers

    Just one of the luckiest people I know. I traded in the big boat. But I still have the rest.
  4. Topless Drivers

    Got one, wife’s. I’m with Nomod and others, 70 plus, I lived in central Florida and now in SoCal. I’ve got a dermatologist that cuts shit off of me every time. And I’ve got vehicles without tops.
  5. Wildomar OHV, Newb question--Need to Air Down?

    I’m trying to decide between the two of them. Stacy Does the 400 shut off during reairing on your use? Did you get it for higher pressure for RV use? Or for quicker reairing for your Jeep? Which one would be better for just the Jeep?
  6. Wildomar OHV, Newb question--Need to Air Down?

    Hi Mike why did go with the 450 as opposed to the 400? Thanks
  7. Basic Mods for “easy” off-roading

    The Internet is your friend, has already been said here. Google “Reno Off road clubs” There are lots in your area, and they will know all the trails. You might want to join one, some people to go with. A local 4X4 shop might be another resource. I’m sure there’s people in Reno on this forum...
  8. Wrecked new Rubi today. At least Rubicon is tough!

    I’m glad you are... okay . I had a guy make a left turn in front of me at an intersection. It took 3 weeks to find out my 19 month old and 15,000 miles JLUS had a Bent frame, the frame was on back order, as was another guys on another forum. The shop was three months, plus 1 for the frame, 4...
  9. Mouse in glove box!

    I leave my hood open with a light on at night, have a safe neighborhood. But a rodent problem, I use snap traps. I have a table in the back 40 where I take them, the neighborhood ravens love me. Over 30 in 2 months. I volunteer at a wildlife rescue, it’s estimated feral cats kill 2 Billion...
  10. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    I’m also a Blue Oval guy and I owned a 71 bronco in 72 that I had for more than a decade.
  11. Crash

    Nope, all state. Switching soon.
  12. Crash

    I’m also glad no one was hurt. I’m only commenting about A totaled Jeep. Someone turned left in front of me and I had a bent frame(replaced - that took a month, before they could reconstruct the Jeep - 3 months of down time) and $27,000 of damage and it was not totaled.
  13. Correct OEM TPMS sensors?

    goin2drt An update, I aired them down again, this time to 24 and drove around until it updated. Then I aired them up to 38 and drove it around till it updated. The right front was still flat lined. Then while driving to the dealer(7 miles away). At about the 6 mile point, the right front woke...
  14. Before you do a 5 wheel rotation...

    I have a trailer hitch and a extended drop. So I balanced the spare on the extension. With 315/75/17 KO2’s, I only had to pick it up about 1” to 2”. I made sure the holes would pretty much line up before I lifted it to the carrier.
  15. Correct OEM TPMS sensors?

    It’s a 2018 JLUS. I have 315/70/17 KO2 on it, but pretty stock other than that. I appreciate your comments
  16. Correct OEM TPMS sensors?

    Thank you very much. it’s a daily driver, it hasn’t sat. I’ll do the air down and up. I have a question, when I air down do I drive it to get the system to see the change? I had the Tazer in and the air down. After I took out the Tazer, I aired up all tires(past door jam guid lines) and the...
  17. Correct OEM TPMS sensors?

    Thanks for getting back to me! Yes I have a Tazer mini and it was in when the light came on. I’ve unmarried it and ran the tire pressures up, I’ve driven it around and it’s still flat lining.
  18. Correct OEM TPMS sensors?

    Goin2drt What is this telling me? The right front tire sensor has flat lined. I swapped out the spare tire and get the same flat line. I ran the air pressure up and drove it around, no change.
  19. Quick Poll III - Why are you not taking off your doors?

    There is no option for, I’ve had too much sun in my life already(old). Every time I go to the dermatologist he cuts a couple more pieces off me. I grew up in central Florida and live in SoCal. There’s no option for, I don’t like my hair blown.
  20. Tazer JL Mini

    I have a taser mini in my 2019 JLUS and it works great. I had a check engine light come on so I unmarried it and I had it in service about a month ago and there was some sort of smog leak. I remarried it and it worked great. Couple days after I got it back I had the same code come up. So I went...