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  1. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    The latest "cause" my dealer's service department pointed to was worn bushings/sleeves in my rear shocks. I called Fox a couple days ago and got part numbers. Replaced lower eyelet bushings/sleeves on my rear shocks today. Went for a ride and the knock remains... Called up the dealer and had...
  2. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I have 1 year or about 13k miles left on my warranty. Swung by the body shop at my dealer the day before yesterday after picking up the Jeep from the service department for the ongoing knock in the rear end issue. Body shop manager snapped some photos with his phone and told me he'd get back...
  3. How to check if LSD is working properly?

    Found this thread via the knock in the rear diff thread....the only way I have been able to get the tires to spin the same direction is with the jeep on stands running and in neutral. The wheels spin forwards on their own.
  4. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    Today's claim is that its worn eyelet sleeves/bushings on my fox 2.0s. Waiting for them to get shocks back in and my wheels & tires reinstalled. I called fox and got part #s and placed an order from summit racing for replacement sleeves/bushings. So either that will prove them right or it'll...
  5. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    That is good news! But imagine much time and hassle would be saved if they would just listen and pull the damn diff cover from the start?!?
  6. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    Ugh hopefully they will have some good news for you sooner than later
  7. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    And the saga begins... Dropped my Jeep off this morning around 9am for 930 service appointment. Got a call around 230 this afternoon from the service advisor. He claimed my jeep didn't have LSD "no clutch packs in there"... He said the tech told him it was due to my mud terrain tires being...
  8. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    I had to pick my mom up at the dealership tonight (she is having the steering stabilizer recall work done on her JLU). While I was there I spoke with the service advisor about my issue and upcoming appointment. He seemed very knowledgeable and while he said he hasn't seen any of this specific...
  9. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    I've got just shy of 23k on the clock on my '18 sport with LSD rear. Just noticed the knock a few days ago and quickly found this thread. I heard back from JeepCares here via PM today and called the dealer. It goes in next Monday, so we'll see what happens. I do have a 2.5" lift, 35s and...
  10. 2018 JL sport power door locks

    Any chance I can get a copy of the parts list? Would appreciate it! I just want to do door locks on a base sport, not windows.