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  1. Rear seat storage containment

    Have 3 kids, so I try to fit as much as possible in all the spots. I have two of these: They look like they were made to fit. I currently have blankets in them (2 each). They like them when traveling...
  2. Differences in the 2020 JL thread

    I am its a good group of people. After you get yours sign up for a newbie run at Hidden Falls. I went with paper plates still on. it was a great time.
  3. Differences in the 2020 JL thread

    I was about to say the same thing, but are taking care of your self!! Welcome to the Jeep Life!! I bought my JLU (1st Jeep) last summer. I love it. Are you in AJP??
  4. Post your first sticker/ decal

    They all went on at the same time.
  5. Suggested Mods for Expectant Father?
  6. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    Here is the game hanging out under my Brawlee light
  7. What is this thing?

    Manuel Sway Bar disconnect. Just scroll it down to Disconnect!!
  8. Wiring rock lights?

    I dig the green lights too!!
  9. Hidden Falls This Weekend

    Are you part of Austin Jeeppeople on Facebook? post there and see if you can get a group. There are lots of people willing to go, but it is woah hot right now. There will be some newbie runs set up in the next few months, I am sure.
  10. Adventures of Peas and Carrots. Twin JLURs

    I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!!
  11. Whats this button?

    Its basically SUPER slow cruise control. It a nice feature.
  12. Cool discovery, hot key back-up cam

    Is there a video of this in action?
  13. Cab covers/trail covers

    I have no idea. I am running neeked. Hard top is in the garage with the doors. I think it will work with doors on, but IDK about a soft top.
  14. Cab covers/trail covers

    Rain gear cover. Worked really well. Everything was dry the next morning.
  15. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    I stick most of ‘em on my Tuffy swing gate box.
  16. Dealer says they cannot activate Aux Switches in UConnect

    Buy the TAZER JL, especially if you ever want to add bigger tires or anything else
  17. Wheeling Stock - Let's See the Pics

    The tires and wheels were one if the 1st things I did.
  18. ACE JL Rock Sliders 20% Off this Week!

    Could I get that code as well please??