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  1. Reliability of aftermarket LED headlight bulbs (Beamtech)?

    I’ve had mine in for almost two years with no issues, Gregj
  2. Anyone want to switch Sarge Green Sky One Touch for your hard top?

    Also a not an issue, covered in this thread. I would make the 4,400 mile drive to make the trade. Gregj
  3. Anyone want to switch Sarge Green Sky One Touch for your hard top?

    There is a long thread showing it can be done. Not any harder than taking off the hardtop. Gregj
  4. Anyone want to switch Sarge Green Sky One Touch for your hard top?

    I would swap a textured hardtop with you but I am not very close. Gregj
  5. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    Damn! Not just Latina but Extra Spicy Latina! Danger Will Robinson indeed!
  6. Conflicting axle info...someone please clarify if possible...

    On my 2018 Sport S 6 speed the axle is listed as a 3rd Generation Dana Solid Rear Axle but the LSD is listed as a $595 option. So the LSD was not standard with the 6 speed in 2018. Gregj All 6 Speeds have a Dana 44 axle but not all have LSD.
  7. Preventing scratches on soft top windows...? Plexus is great stuff. Over a year and my windows still look great. Besttop has a good option too. Gregj
  8. Soft top disassembly- need a hand.

    Yes, pry at those points, try a little on each side going back and forth from side to side. Once it starts moving it should come right off. Gregj
  9. Proximity door locks retrofit install (instructions, parts, links) on JL Wrangler

    Others have used the Tazer to change the settings. Have you updated the Tazer to the latest version? Only thing I can think of is a glitch with your Tazer. Gregj
  10. Willy’s w/ Body-Color Fender Flares

    You can get the Mopar high top flares from a lot of places, shipping is an issue as the box is huge. Price match the price including shipping with your local dealer. I bought a paintable set and had a local shop paint them for my wife’s Rubicon. You can order them with the LED’s too. Makes a...
  11. 2.0L Turbo Octane 87 or 91?

    Always run 87 in ours with no issues. Gregj
  12. Those of you with dual tops, what do you do with your electrical connectors for the hard top when the soft top is on?

    Something is wrong with the retainer, mine stays in place top up or down. Gregj
  13. Soft top question

    That's a GOOD friend right there! Gregj
  14. Florida Gladiator Dana 44 axles front & rear (off of Overland)

    Outers usually means everything from the knuckle out. Gregj Still wish they were not a 4,000 mile trip to pick up.
  15. JL Hardtop to Softop

    If it were me and the goal is a dual top Rubicon I would trade the hardtop Sahara and buy a hardtop Rubicon and keep the softtop since you already have it. That way you get the controls for the wiper, washer and defrost. They are a pain to add later as you pretty much have to gut the interior to...
  16. Should I add remote proximity keyless entry??

    Have you taken the doors off? If so, check for bent pins in the body side of the door connector, it’s an all to common problem. That is one area where FCA could have done a better job. Gregj
  17. Should I add remote proximity keyless entry??

    You can add it after the fact. Prepare to wait for parts though. Gregj
  18. Jeep Introduces 2021 Wrangler Islander Special Edition

    Kinda like the Chief blue with white top and blue accents. The white dash? Ewe, it would look better with a Chief blue dash. To bad they dropped Bikini blue that would look great! Gregj
  19. Should I add remote proximity keyless entry??

    YES! Final answer! Gregj
  20. New to group

    X2 for the Plexus on the windows! Mine still look new a year later. Welcome to the Forum! Gregj