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  1. How much????? Insanity

    Where are you seeing that? Just curious.
  2. Any Way to Charge 4xe Batteries with a Solar Panel?

    Couldn't one run a Tesla-like power wall, though, with a battery system? I know that LG makes a lot of the power wall type systems right now. You could probably designate the charger to be one part of your grid that runs off battery power.
  3. Any Way to Charge 4xe Batteries with a Solar Panel?

    Regarding solar, that is one area I wish that our home was better situated for. I have been pleased with the solar companies around, here. I was going to buy the system outright and each said it was just not good value right now since the systems are not able to capture enough sun. The belief is...
  4. 4XE production begins. Arriving to dealerships in January...?

    You're hitting the nail on the head in my view. I think this will be a failure if it is priced $10K+ (not including the side options like LED group and Premium Audio) for just the hybrid powertrain. I have to think that there are a ton of people who are like my wife and I that we are down to...
  5. Does Anyone Have Any Questions About Manufacturer Backed Extended Warranties?

    Hi, I think that we are talking about different things. I am well aware of the normal extended warranty procedure but Mopar also advertises a plan called "Extended X". This plan seems to actually be an extension on an extension (i.e. a second extended warranty). FAQs ( I am...
  6. 4xE Order Status??

    Jeep just sent out a new press email that still maintains December 2020.
  7. 2021 JLU Already Towed to Dealer at 114 miles on the odo. Owned less than 2 hours... WTH

    The most egregious thing is FCA cancelling the original tow. You better get something for that as that is absolutely outrageous. I'd have been screaming at someone after that.
  8. 4xE Order Status??

    The big question is obviously pricing and none of us know that, yet.
  9. 4xE Order Status??

    The price timeline has always been mid to late December, so that all makes sense.
  10. I can’t freakin decide! HELP!

    I don't see why you'd think that Tysons Corner would be more expensive. MSRP is MSRP. And invoice is invoice. Their 6-8% under invoice is the same price in Tysons Corner as any other location. Koons is legit. I'll be buying my 4xe from them in the spring.
  11. How much????? Insanity

    Well, that and you have some dealers already saying that they will be offering it with 5-7% off invoice as well. If I can get 6% off invoice and the $7500 tax credit + the $800 rebate in NJ + the $500 rebate for the charger, it's a no-brainer. To me, as long as the price of the 4xe is $6,000...
  12. 4xe order banks are open...sort of (first ordering details inside)

    Again, why would they be priced so far out of line compared to the Pacifica? The Pacifica Hybrid is not a $10K premium.
  13. My first reactions from 4xe Wrangler test drive!

    No. I am talking about all in. The engine and transmission, all in, will be below $7500. I'd almost guarantee that. Jeep isn't dumb. They lose the talking point about savings if they eat up the full tax credit since so many people out there won't qualify for the full one. I can't think of any...
  14. 4xe order banks are open...sort of (first ordering details inside)

    $4-5K is exactly what I would expect as a premium over the current models. It's going to be a bit under $7,500. I would actually be safe and ballpark a $6K premium. Koons has said that they anticipate the same sorts of discounts (6% below invoice) to be available. I am planning on ordering...
  15. I want the first 4xe Rubicon.

    Yeah, I am in NJ and it's around $800 or so. So I am looking at $8,300 (I will definitely qualify for the full $7,500). Hoping to get the 4xe for around 6% below invoice as well. We shall see.
  16. My first reactions from 4xe Wrangler test drive!

    I would almost guarantee that it won't be above the maximum tax credit ($7,500). The Pacifica is in the $6K range with a similar set-up. I would bet around $6,500.
  17. 2021 engine bay has a new item by alt

    I have heard that there are widgets under the hood as well as things.
  18. My first reactions from 4xe Wrangler test drive!

    All of this looks great. I have been 100% on board with buying one of these with the tax credit and this just adds to it. Great stuff and thanks for sharing.