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  1. Soft top options for 2019 JL Unlimited?

    Morning all, Just a note of thanks for all your commentary. Ironically, an OEM soft top popped up on CraigsList over the weekend and while the gentlemen is asking $1,800, it is $600 less than if I were to walk into the Dealership (incl. our lovely Minnesota tax). :) Have a great day...
  2. Soft top options for 2019 JL Unlimited?

    Any updates here? It's now coming up on Mid-June and it still appears we've just a couple of choices for Soft-Tops.
  3. Post your 2019 JL build status

    Got it! Thanks! It says no updates but I assume I just need to be patient. That might be the hardest part of this whole purchase. Jeff
  4. Post your 2019 JL build status

    Sorry for the noob question but once I have the VIN, how do I track it? Is there a website for that? Jeff
  5. Jeep Order Code KZ ETA to Minneapolis?

    Hey Pete, I'm close to ordering and it looks like the same jeep for the most part. Firecracker red, 6 speed, etc. I'll ask you the same question I asked Cody, what dealership did you end up going with and how was the service, pricing, etc. Jeff
  6. Jeep Order Code KZ ETA to Minneapolis?

    Hey Cody, I'm about to pull the trigger in the next few weeks on a '19 JLU Rubicon. Where did you end up ordering from and how did that process go? I live out in Victoria, MN and the dealerships out here (Waconia, Shakopee) don't seem to have the volume to offer up competitive pricing. Just...
  7. Recommended Dealers List

    Chuck, What did you end up doing? I've been in a holding pattern waiting on the Sky one touch power top option which is finally available. I'm just SW of the cities (Victoria, MN). Let me know. Thanks, Jeff
  8. Recommended Dealers List

    Hey Mike, are any of the 20 dealers you researched close to Minnesota?...or even in the Midwest? Let me know. Thanks, Jeff
  9. Topless with doors off, concerns.

    Are we talkin'"dirty Mike and the boys bad?".... hahaha
  10. Update: Power Soft Top (Sky One-Touch) Ordering / Production Pushed

    Thanks Jay. Much appreciated. I now have a completely different question. I promised my wife and 3 daughter's that they would be driving in a jeep. So.... I am looking for an older wrangler that will pacify the family until I can take delivery on a new one. Is there a classifieds...
  11. Update: Power Soft Top (Sky One-Touch) Ordering / Production Pushed

    My only consolation is the weather in is more reflective of January vs. April. No need for a power top just yet. :) But would certainly love to order one!!! Jeff
  12. Sky One-Touch Power Top Priced at $3,995

    Having been in software development I should have asked "What year?" :clap::cwl:
  13. Sky One-Touch Power Top Priced at $3,995

    Happy St. Patty's Day and still no clue from the local dealerships when the Power Top will be available...argh! I assume that ordering one with just the base soft top and then trying to order in a Power Top once they are ready is not a wise decision? I would imagine it has to be wired, etc...
  14. Rear Seat Recline Options.

    I finally got to a local dealership to climb around inside a new JLU and noticed that the rear seats look to be similar enough to the JKU's that the recline kit ($50 or so on Amazon) would work. Has anyone tried this or any other option to get a bit more recline in those rear seats? We've...
  15. Twin Cities Wheeling

    Dresser, WI is actually within an hour of the TC and I know a lot of guys/gals have said good things about the different trails they have there. Here's their fb page: Jeff
  16. Ask-A-Jeep-Dealer Thread

    So the Power Top is still mysteriously not showing up on the build process? Bummer.
  17. Recommended Dealers List

    Fellow Minnesoootan here. One of the guys on my fire department took a job with the Shakopee dealership a few months back. He is a jeep enthusiast and so far they have been very helpful and we are around 3% below invoice plus lower destination fee. Contact info: 952.658.5300. Brian S. is...
  18. JL Rubi - driving at highway speed on snow/ice/wet with 4H

    If I may segue, am I correct that the select-trac is only available with automatic transmission? I am just curious why you couldn't have that system in a manual transmission (similar to Audi, Subaru, etc.). Thanks, Jeff