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  1. Thrumming Noise at Highway Speeds (63-67ish)

    I tywrapped my front drive shaft so it couldn't spin in 2WD and it didn't make any difference.
  2. Thrumming Noise at Highway Speeds (63-67ish)

    it's not the tires. I bought a take off set with the michelin street tires they were brand new and my jeep still did it. I also bought a set of goodyear wrangler duratracs and it also still does it with this set. ITS NOT THE TIRES.
  3. Thrumming Noise at Highway Speeds (63-67ish)

    I also have this problem with my 2020 JLUR except mine seems to do it from 60 mph all the way to 70 mph. So disappointing, i have wanted a new four door Rubicon for a while. Actually i have wanted a Rubicon since 2003! I have not had time to go to the dealer yet and i already know they'll...