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  1. Early buyers - Is your JL 3 years old yet?

    Mine's a late 2017 build (can't remember if it was November or December). Delivered mid-March 2018. 40,000kms and still looks and feels new, steering isn't too bad Issues: - Stalled once for no reason when driving in the first 600kms (inspected but no repairs made, never happened again) -...

    Shows up on as well amazingly. The pricing isn't that awful considering the other included equipment.
  3. Side Steps to prevent snow/mud on the doors and fenders

    I had the side steps on my 2012 Sahara and of course I don't have them on my 2018 Rubicon. The difference is pretty dramatic, the flat plastic ones are the way to go to protect your hands/paint/rear fenders. From time to time I consider getting a set for winter use as the paint on my rear door...
  4. How come TPMS would be disappeared from instrument cluster?

    Check in the instrument cluster settings, if I remember correctly you can hide pages you don't use by unchecking them. I think the menu you will be looking for is called Favorites.
  5. The uconnect system in 2020 Jeep is really really bad and disappointing

    My JL was built in 2017 and I also don't get any updates showing when I enter my VIN. I'm pretty sure my dealer never updated anything despite me asking them to (along with the instrument panel software). I'll see if I can check my software version though in case they were being sneaky.
  6. The uconnect system in 2020 Jeep is really really bad and disappointing

    My Jeep with the 7 inch screen defaults to SiriusXM on startup if I was last listening to Bluetooth. The strange thing is... After you shut down the engine - If you were to shut the radio off manually (with the power button) prior to opening the drivers door or allowing the accessory power to...
  7. Soft-Top Jeep Break-Ins or Vandlism?

    Never had any problems, soft top Jeeps from 2007-2018 (in summer at least). I personally do lock my doors/glove-box/center console and don't leave a single thing visible to the outside. However, I do see the odd Jeep driving around my smallish town with taped up rear windows. The silver lining...
  8. How Many Steps to Starting Your Jeep and Driving Off?

    Battery ON Test Fire Circuit A and B APU ON Crank Right Engine 18% RPM Right Engine to Idle Left and Right DDI, MPCD and HUD ON... Anyone else here into DCS World? That's for the F/A-18C, but just got the new F-14B to learn. The RIO/Jester assisted startup is a dream come true for anyone that...
  9. JLU soft top

    I didn't like it at first either, but then I realized it's similar to the M38A1 soft top. Problem solved, it is traditional! :beer:
  10. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    This is what the techs at my dealership said too. The service manager does agree that something is up, but rather than waste time I'm good with waiting until the smoking gun is found. In my Jeep I'd rate the steering as annoying rather than dangerous. Best of luck everyone!
  11. This doesn't seem to work...

    Prepare yourselves for the the definition of irony: I have a pilot's license As an occasional flyer of small planes and flight simmer, it is pretty weird that those two dials bother me so much!
  12. This doesn't seem to work...

    Yeah the ambient lighting is pretty pointless really, not sure why I would need the foot well lights on while driving? Also I think it's a bit of a design flaw having those two controls right next to one another. One kinda has to feel around for the right dial while driving if they want to...
  13. Climate control: hot or cold, but no in between

    These systems work best when you find your favorite temp setting and just leave it there. If once your Jeep warms up you don't like temp, then just adjust it by one step at a time until you find your sweet spot. After that leave it alone until the next time you are uncomfortable. A good place to...
  14. 7in radio but no cold weather package

    My Rubicon is like this, the buttons for the front/rear defrost and recirculate function will just be bigger to take up the space. Which is probably ideal, as blank switches are lame.
  15. Noise with braking w/ Adaptive Cruise Control?

    I don't have ACC but that reminds me a lot of the sound you get when ABS or Hill Decent Control is active. Could that be it? If so it's just the system working. I experience this sound sometimes in the winter or when using HDC on a steep hill with loose rocks, but in Texas you may not :)
  16. Blinding screen when turning car off?

    This drives me crazy, I drive on dark rural roads and keep my dash lights set near the minimum level all the time. Hopefully Jeep is listening and can put out a software update. I think most of FCAs current vehicles are like this, excluding the JK of course. Ideally they could use the daylight...
  17. Adaptive Cruise Control?

    Both kinds of course! At least folding down the windshield doesn't introduce more software bugs. The power folding windshield on the 2028 Wrangler JM might have the problem though.
  18. Adaptive Cruise Control?

    Well, it looks like it’s more attached to the rear view mirror. Should be able to relax and cruise the interstates with it folded down just as you would normally with ACC. Still need to see some owner reports for confirmation though. Just watch out for the bugs.:)
  19. JLU LED Group Headlights - Can they be turned off??

    Unfortunately not, my preference would be to have just the parking lamps come on when the doors were unlocked. It would be nice if we could choose from the three options though. Jeep, if you're out there, please give us the option in a future software update! Sort of on the topic... Why in the...
  20. 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL Info - What's New (So Far)?

    Yeah, that's where the turn signal repeater is on the European model. Just saw it on the recently posted Camp Jeep Europe pics.