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  1. Don’t forget Bonusdrive money

    Just got my check on my 2021! Never had heard of this until the Forum!
  2. Firestone Destination XT

    I was getting about 19 MPG with the 2.0 with mostly short trips. I only have about 1,000 miles on it so far and haven't checked it yet with these tires. For most of my highway driving I use my Honda Civic and primarily have the Jeep for snow.
  3. Firestone Destination XT

    Yeah, I am in Conneaut Lake here. My MT's were ok in deeper snow, but on roads that were just getting covered they were pretty bad. These XT's are very quiet compared to the MT's. I sold all 5 of my MT's for $800 and paid about $1,400 for 5 XT's. I did find that to get the white letter version...
  4. Firestone Destination XT

    I'm also in NW PA and I just bought a set for my Willy's. The standard MT2's were too unpredictable in the snow, but I liked the looks of them so I went with the XT's. They were EXCELLENT in the 6" - 8" of snow over Christmas and much more quiet on the highway. I never ran KO2's, but I'am very...
  5. Anyone running Firestone Destination XT's?

    For anyone else considering these tires, they do go GREAT in the snow! I really liked the look of the MT2's on my new Willys and also liked the white lettering. To get the XT's with the white lettering and keep a close size to the 255/75/17R's I had to go with the 275/70/17R's. We got 6" or so...
  6. Any issues going from a LT255/75/R17 to a LT 275/70/R17

    Thank you! I have never put so much thought into first ordering a vehicle, and then buying tires. I am hoping these XT's give me the look of the MT with good snow performance. If not, time to shell out another $1,500. LOL
  7. Any issues going from a LT255/75/R17 to a LT 275/70/R17

    I have an all stock Willy's and looking to go to an all terrain tire. I like the looks of the Firestone XT's, but to get the white lettering, I would have to go from the 255-75-R17 to a 275-70-R17. Would there be any issues or difference with this size on my original wheels?
  8. Photo Of Duratracs With The White Letters Out?

    Looking to replace my Willys tires and like the look of the original Firestone's. I would consider the XT's, but I don't see my size with the white letters. Does anyone have a photo of their JL with Duratracs and the white letters on the outside?
  9. Anyone running Firestone Destination XT's?

    Thinking about replacing my MT2's with these for better onroad snow performance. Any feedback on these? Would love to see some photos. I was hoping it would be a similar look to the MT2's.
  10. Opinions, 2021 ETorque V6 vs. 2.0 turbo, worth the $1500?

    After driving both 21's back to back, I had to go with the 2.0. It just felt quicker and held speed on the highway better up the hills with the cruise on. I definitely don't like the ESS though and always disable it when I start it. The etorque does make the ESS really smooth.
  11. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Do you have a side shot to see how it looks?
  12. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Curious about the tire size question. I had mixed feeling about the way mine drove with the MT's in the snow. Thinking about going KO2 and a little bigger.
  13. Firestone Destination MT2 reviews / opinions?

    So that night I ran a completely snow covered interstate for 40 miles and it seemed good. Got to my girlfriends house and her driveway is on a small hill with about 4" of wet snow and it spun all 4 wheels getting up it.
  14. Firestone Destination MT2 reviews / opinions?

    Well, we had several inches of snow on my drive in this morning. The highway hadn't been plowed yet. Doing 60, 2WD was a little slick, wasn't enough for full time 4, so I used the auto mode with my selec trac. Felt great with that.
  15. Firestone Destination MT2 reviews / opinions?

    500 miles on dry road and they're ok. I've never had mud tires, so they are a little noisy compared to AT's, but not bad. We're supposed to be getting snow tomorrow, so we will maybe see how they do on road with snow. -Dave
  16. 2021 Selec-Trac vs Command Trac

    I haven't shifted mine into 4 hi yet, but the shift to auto mode was effortless.
  17. 2021 Selec-Trac vs Command Trac

    I just got it in my Willy's. I think for on road snow driving it will be well worth it. -Dave
  18. 2.0 turbo vs Pentastar V6

    I drove a 3.6 2020 non etorque Willys and a 2021 Willys 2.0 turbo (no etorque). To me, the 2.0 was much more peppy and held it's speed better on the highway with the cruise on at 75MPH up hills. I was leaning toward the 3.6 for reliability, but couldn't buy it after driving the 2.0. And, with a...
  19. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Ordered 9/8/20 - Delivered 10/28/20
  20. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Thank you, looks great! What size are those? Is there any lift or anything on it?