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  1. 2020 Wrangler Transmission failed

    I have a 2021 Willys w automatic transmission 2.0 turbo engine. It has 1,500 miles on it. Yesterday I went and started my car in the parking lot. Sat in it for a minute or two figuring out the best way to get to where I was going. Put the Jeep in Drive and it reved up but didn’t go, as if it was...
  2. Installed Insane Audio JL3001 Head Unit today

    I didn’t know how to do it where it looked pretty but I put it on my dash and at first it didn’t work but the second day after driving on the highway it finally picked up and now it’s working.
  3. Installed Insane Audio JL3001 Head Unit today

    Does anyone have pictures of how they mounted the gps in an external location? Going to try that soon to see if it fixes my problem.
  4. Lifted 2020 JLU Willys edition - Mopar Lift

    Thanks for your pic! I want a 2.5 lift w 33s and was thinking it may look too small but I think the 2-doors do make it look ok. I’m thinking 2.5 MC lift w 33” NITTO ridge grapplers and 1.75 spidertrax spacers. Now I just need to save some $$
  5. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    got my Willys a few weeks ago! Definitely an upgrade from my beat up TJ. Vinyl decals were a pain in the butt for the larger hood decal but I’m pleased My current dilemma is my TJ had a 3.5 in lift w 33” tires and it looked awesome. With the JL that much lift w a 33” makes the tires seem...