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  1. Unheard of Incentive Currently Available

    Air is 80% Nitrogen. What exactly is a "nitrogen fill" will it make it 2 seconds faster to 60?
  2. Latest JLU issues

    Wait cost is associated with reliability ? Tell that to Range Rover owners... Since some seem to think that a 50k vehicle needs to be more reliable than a 25k vehicle. If anything its the other way around... what's going to have more issues... a 15k mitsubishi Mirage or a 400 Rolls Royce Wraith
  3. City With Highest Concentration of Wranglers?

    It is for sure Hawaii, rentals are completely flooding the streets there. No other place comes close (per capita). From a sheer volume perspective, it is California.
  4. 2019 JLU Sahara depreciated 42% in 10 months

    a hugely important consideration during any vehicle purchase
  5. 2019 JLU Sahara depreciated 42% in 10 months

    you’ll be buried in it eh? Impressive dedication to a single vehicle.
  6. 2019 JLU Sahara depreciated 42% in 10 months

    It is insane that most JKs are well over 25k out here I can usually get far better deal on a new wrangler vs what carmax is offering. I am not sure who the shopper is that buys these but they are obviously out there
  7. 2019 JLU Sahara depreciated 42% in 10 months

    10 pages and not one person mentioned tax into the “depreciation” calc. 50k “msrp” wrangler will have another 5k of taxes and fees tacked on to it. Obviously this varies based on whether you bought or leased it and when you sell it as this moves the amount you paid in taxes. I am also surprised...
  8. JL Lease pricing/California preferred.

    You incur it in the form of depreciation otherwise. No one wants a car with 150k miles @5 years. So 20-25cents a mile is a true cost whether you see it at the end of the lease of if you attempted to "trade in"
  9. JL Lease pricing/California preferred.

    you don’t pay taxes on the full purchase price on a lease you only pay them on your monthly portion. I’m confused by this “roll in taxes” comment.
  10. JL Lease pricing/California preferred.

    So say you put 10k down and are paying $100 a month. You total the car a year after you drive off the lot, do you get your 10k back? Vs paying $500 a month and walking away payment free. Seems to me like you’d be 5k ahead. Who gives a crap what the market value of a car is on a lease when there...
  11. JL Lease pricing/California preferred.

    Except your down payment which matters more for a lease than for a "own"
  12. JL Lease pricing/California preferred.

    That’s close to what I’m paying for a 80k msrp m3. Terrible deal for a barely depreciating vehicle. I would recommend to go 1% of msrp per month with 0down rule
  13. JL Lease pricing/California preferred.

    You get the kbb+sales tax. So you’re usually ok unless you paid over sticker. For a lease you lose all of the down.
  14. JL Lease pricing/California preferred.

    Thanks for chiming in guys! Any ideas on shorter lease terms? Seems like fca likes to do 48months which is a bit on the longer side. My main thing is that I get bored quickly and like switching cars every 2-3 years. Our sales tax is just insane when that happens so I prefer to lease
  15. JL Lease pricing/California preferred.

    Hey all, Have any of you leased a JL ? I am looking to get into a JL and I'd rather lease than park 55k in a toy. Has anyone leased lately ?
  16. Why won't California dealers deal?

    You got 11k off sticker ? Which dealer
  17. JLU Ordering on West Coast

    South county in gilroy has 6000-6500 sitting on the hood of wranglers.

    I don't get the "you need to read what you're signing crap" I am pretty sure none of you asked for a $299 security sticker BS add on. That is the stillershit trying to pull a fast one on you, masking it with the large amount in the transaction. let me ask you this, would you pay $299 at...
  19. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    But how does it fit without the seat being folded ? :blush:
  20. Second Order Club

    Sounds like a great business plan. :like: